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Jun 2022

PlagiarismSearch Proves to Be a Reliable Software for Teachers

June 13, 2022

The modern academic environment strives to fight plagiarism and takes effective measures to prevent it. That is why more and more educators join our authentic community to detect plagiarism in their students’ papers. Our advanced plagiarism software gives the teachers an opportunity to check the texts using a multi-layer scanning system and provides comprehensive plagiarism reports that a particular teacher has access to. These and other features of our plagiarism detection tool ensure the authenticity of the students’ works, which is essential in the modern educational environment. 

May 2022

Gain Considerable Advantage of Plagiarism Check via Our Google Ad-On

May 30, 2022

Many of our individual customers as well as educational establishments successfully integrate our Google Ad-On to check the texts for plagiarism directly from their Google documents. Read the detailed guideline on how to make use of our Google Ad-On and assess all the benefits of our online plagiarism checker.

May 2022

Know the Benefit of Searching for Plagiarism Within the Storage

May 09, 2022

Every customer with a monthly or yearly plagiarism check subscription has the option of performing plagiarism checks within the Web and Storage. Still, some clients ignore storage search simply not knowing the considerable benefit they will obtain. For instance, if a client switches on the storage check option, it means that the document will be checked for similarities within the texts saved in storage (either the previous works already checked for plagiarism or the documents uploaded to storage on purpose). In short, it helps to avoid self-plagiarism and find similarities within a client's own database. Read more about storage checking here https://plagiarismsearch.com/plagiarism-database

Apr 2022

Read Our Interview at Cybernews

April 27, 2022

Recently, our Communications Manager, Melissa Anderson, shared her thoughts about the role of plagiarism detection in the modern technologically-driven education system in an interview with Cybernews. The history of PlagiarismSearch, the company's development path, and challenges caused by major transformations in the education system were discussed along with the plans for the future in the times of technological innovations. The interview is available here https://cybernews.com/security/melissa-anderson-plagiarismsearch-the-problem-of-the-digital-divide-has-not-been-resolved-yet/

Apr 2022

New Payment Method - EcommPay

April 08, 2022

EcommPay is an international payment provider licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that is now available to our users. It accepts online payments via multiple credit and debit cards as well as Neteller Wallet. Moreover, the payment provider accepts payments in any currency. It is secure, fast, and convenient. Transactions are processed within a few seconds or minutes, and all customers' data is fully protected by strict security measures. Currently, payment options available at PlagiarsimSearch are Bluesnap, Verifone, Nuvei and EcommPay.


Mar 2022

Getting Email Notification When Your Balance is Running Low

March 31, 2022

We know that it is essential for many customers to get an email notification about low balance in advance. That is why we have implemented an important update in user profile settings. Now you can choose an estimated time when you want to get the low balance alert: 12 hours, 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 days before your subscription expires. This option will give you enough time to prepare to make timely payment for a chosen plagiarism check package. 3-days option is now set up by default in all user accounts. To select an appropriate time for the low balance alert, go to My Profile - Authorizations - tick the option "Get email notifications when the account balance is running low" and choose the deadline for notification.

Mar 2022

VIP Services Are Gaining Popularity Among Our Users

March 18, 2022

We are now happy to admit that more and more customers choose monthly and yearly packages with VIP service due to obvious benefits of this type of subscription: VIP level of support, 24/7 assistance of personal client manager, personal area for storing text messages and reports, an abundance of submissions for a decent price. Learn about the full scope of VIP service advantages here https://plagiarismsearch.com/vip-plagiarism-checker

Feb 2022

Implementation of STRICT Option for Plagiarism Check

February 23, 2022

We are persistently working on improving the quality of our plagiarism checker as well as increasing the accuracy of the results. Now, we are ready to introduce a new option that increases the precision of plagiarism check results in small parts of a text. So, if you intend to run a sentence or a small paragraph through our detection engine, make sure you switch the option STRICT in your profile settings to ensure the most explicit outcome. 

Feb 2022

Paper Analysis Video Tutorial

February 04, 2022

We created a detailed video guide to increase customers’ awareness about effectiveness of our Paper Analysis Service. The tutorial will walk you through the order process step by step showing the important details that should be mentioned to receive the desired result. In the end, you will see where to find the editor’s comments in your profile, view, and download them. In addition, you will be able to review the final sample completed by our expert and ensure accurateness of the analysis.   

Jan 2022

Create Perfect Content with Our Grammar, Style, and Spell Checker

January 10, 2022

No matter what type of text you write: a blog post, essay, research paper, or dissertation, your grammar and spelling are always strictly evaluated by your readers. Run your piece of writing through our Grammar, Style, and Spell Checker to ensure that your writing is error-free before publishing or submitting it. Our software is designed to catch different types of grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and spelling flaws and offer the best ways to correct them. Try the service for free and make a step towards improving your writing skills. 

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