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Jun 2021

Right-to-Left Plagiarism Report

June 28, 2021

Our foreign customers who use right-to-left scripts may now enjoy the convenience of our updated plagiarism report. To choose the option, go to your profile, choose system settings tick on the option Use right direction of the text. The changes will apply both to the pages of the main report and PDF report (HTML + PDF). 

Jun 2021

The Latest Release of Moodle Plugin

June 14, 2021

PlagiarismSearch customers may now evaluate the benefits of the new Moodle Plugin v.1.1.14. The updated version provides our foreign users with the opportunity to operate Moodle Plugin settings in Polish and Russian. English and Spanish translations of the plugin were also improved. Among the other enhancements, there are increased safety measures for our clients and numerous quality renovations. Moodle Plugin v.1.1.14 is now available to download from https://github.com/plagiarismsearch/moodle-plagiarism_plagiarismsearch/releases/tag/v.1.1.14. Try it now and start taking advantage of the benefits!

Jun 2021

Default Timezone in User Profile

June 09, 2021

Since our company operates around the world, PlagiarismSearch User Profile was updated to show a customer’s browser time and date by default. Still, this setting can be changed by a customer manually. If you want to see a different time and date in your profile, go to your Settings Page and choose the timezone from the menu. In addition, the date and time were translated to Spanish, Polish and Russian for the convenience of our customers.

May 2021

Improved Parsing Algorithms

May 31, 2021

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our parsing techniques to guarantee the effectiveness of our services. Thus, our team of developers added parser id to advance the standards of parsing algorithms and enhance the statistical charts toward better data visualization.

May 2021

Readability Check Service Launch

May 18, 2021

Here at PlagiarismSearch, we intend not only to ensure authenticity but also to help our customers to write flawless papers. Readability is one of the main indicators of successful writing. From now on, our customers may easily evaluate whether their papers are appropriate for a particular audience by running their texts through PlagiarismSearch Readability Checker. The service uses the Flesch Grade Level Calculator to show the readability score of a piece of writing. Moreover, the checker highlights incorrect, vague, and complicated parts of the content and provides recommendations on how to improve their readability.

Apr 2021

Viber and Telegram Bot

April 27, 2021

Get the most out of the possibilities of your messengers! All PlagiarismSearch users can now run the documents through our checker using their favorite mobile App. Also, uniting the possibilities of the website account and mobile App helps to share the account’s balance and reports history. Join our Telegram or Viber bot now and get a great bonus – 5 free submissions (1 submission = 1000 words).

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