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A Helpful Tool for Maintaining Text Originality

If you are working or studying at an educational establishment, you will certainly need to check papers for plagiarism.

Today, there are a large number of plagiarism detection programs by using which one can easily identify whether the text is unique or copied. It is necessary to admit that running a particular quote checker is very useful, as it is the most efficient means of testing works for authenticity. Scanning a piece of writing takes a few minutes only. You will quickly get the results and see whether any changes are needed to make the document original.


Why Use a Quote Plagiarism Checker

Keep in mind that quotes should not form the biggest part of your academic work. You are supposed to describe the issue you are examining in your own words.

At the same time, the quotations or rephrased thoughts of other authors should be properly incorporated in your paper and effectively combined with your own ideas making the text coherent. The majority of students, especially those who are not

native English-speaking ones, find it hard to create original pieces. However, there are several methods of composing solid texts.

Citing - Using citations is one of the best ways of avoiding plagiarism. In order to organize each in-text citation correctly, you should follow the rules of the citation style your paper is written in, i.e. MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.

Quotes – Remember to present the quotations in your work in the way they are given in the original text. It is not recommended using the quotations including more than 40 words, as one has to be capable of briefly summarizing data. Citing quotations in the right way is not easy. Still, your effort will be rewarded, i.e. you will not be accused of plagiarism.

Every time you are assigned to write an academic work, you have to produce an original piece. Avoid copying passages from your previous papers. If you want to use some material from the texts you have created before, you need to make appropriate citations, and then provide new and relevant facts about the subject you are exploring. Finally, you should use a good quote checker.


How to Exclude Citations

If you want your quote checker to exclude references and quotations, you need to tick the respective option.

For example, if the function “Exclude References” is “On,” the text that goes after one of the keywords and phrases indicated below will not be included in the similarity percentage:

  • Bibliography
  • References
  • Sources
  • Works cited
  • Notes and references
  • References cited

The keyword/phrase is to be written on a line alone.


PlagiarismSearch Report Explained:

The report generates three division of colors that indicate the amount of plagiarism from the particular source.

Red indicates more than 75% of plagiarism from the highlighted source in that particular sentence.

Yellow indicates that about 30% was taken from the highlighted source in that particular sentence.

Green shows around 15% of plagiarism from the highlighted source in that particular sentence.

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