Privacy Policy

System Technology Online Spain SL., Calle Pintor Pérez Gil 2, b.46 03540, Alicante, Spain ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website and is the controller of your personal data.

We would like to express our gratitude for the time you have spent on reviewing our offers and your interest in our company’s services. You can be sure that we guarantee non-disclosure of any personal details of our clients. All kinds of personal information that our customers provide remain secure and private. No misusage or loss of the details is possible if you choose the services of our company.

Below you may find the clarifications regarding the data we collect from our clients.

While cooperating, we need the following details:

  • Our customers;
  • Visitors of our website.

Those details, collected by the website server, include:

  • Type of the browser;
  • Day and time of access to the website;
  • Type of operating system.

Please note that gathered information is never sold or shared; it is not related to the disclosure of any identity. The only purpose of collecting those data is customizing the data and enhancing the content of the website.


The webpages belonging to the use the files called “cookies” - the text files transferred to the computer system via the web browser. These files enable us to provide those surfing our website with user-friendly content.

The cookies collection may be stopped if one changes the settings of their web browsers. Already set cookie files can be removed by using specific computer programs or via the Internet. Note that some functions offered by our website can be unavailable after deactivating collecting cookies.

Gathering the Purchase Data collects such personal details as name, phone number, email, home country, and birth date. With the sole aim of processing users’ applications efficiently, our resource also gathers some confidential data, i.e. credit card and passport numbers, health histories to send it to our insurance companions. In any other way, neither amasses nor stores any confidential information.

Collecting General Information

The webpages belonging to the network may collect data about the:

  • Kind of web viewing software;
  • Used PC system;
  • Online resource from which an access to our website is made;
  • Sub-webpages;
  • Date and time when our website has been visited;
  • IP address;
  • Web provider;
  • Other data that may be used to attack our IT systems.

The aforementioned information is used to:

  • Provide our content appropriately;
  • Improve both the content and the way it is advertised;
  • Guarantee technological feasibility;

Provide authorities with the data necessary for conducting criminal investigation relating to cyber-attacks. The amassed facts are examined with the purpose of improving data security of both our company and clients.

The Use of Cookies

We do use ‘cookies’ as they allow us to collect the statistical data regarding the visits and usage of our website. Besides, this is a good option of creating efficient navigation.

Gathering Personal Details

Our clients are asked to provide the following personal information while being registered:

  • Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Email

Therefore, it is recommended to ensure the accuracy of the contact details as it is a guarantee of high quality of the provided services.

Our app accesses the Google user data only after the user verification. All the data will be used for plagiarism detection purposes solely, no sharing or storing of personal information is envisaged. PlagiarismSearch does not store, use or share Google user data.

Our clients get 100 % guarantee that their personal data will never be available to anybody except the company personnel. No disclosure, sharing, selling, publishing, or sending to third parties is possible. Any text you scan using our plagiarism detection tool will not be transmitted to the third party or used for any other purposes. You are the only owner of the text exposed to the plagiarism check provided to verify originality of content.

Online Transactions

We use only secure online transactions via reliable payment systems that exclude any possibility of information disclosure. In some cases, the Financial Department contacts our clients to ensure the verification of their identities and prevent all kinds of online fraud.

Rights of the Clients

The information in the client’s profile can be amended, edited, replaced or deleted by the user. In case you need any changes or assistance, do not hesitate to contact the customer support team.

We highly value customers’ preferences regarding the private usage of our plagiarism detection services as well as editing/rewriting/proofreading options. Your personal information will be used for inside company purposes only. The usage of our services presumes your approval of our privacy policies and regulations.

Google Drive & Account Information

We do not utilize the information you store on your Google Drive for personal use. Your name, email address, and file links are not automatically stored on our servers unless you upload them through our application. We do not intend to share your files or personal information with any third parties. We do not make any changes to your files unless you do so directly through our application or in Google Drive. If you choose to delete the text file you shared with us, the data will be promptly removed from our server. However, the files will not be deleted from your Google Drive. You may also revoke our access to your Google Drive data at any time. We reserve the right to prevent anyone from using our application to access their Google Drive.

Our website will access users' Google Drive files, but only with read permission (specifically, the "" scope). We will store the plain text of the files for the user only. The user retains the ability to delete this data at any time.

Google API Service Agreement’s utilisation and transfer of the data obtained from Google APIs to any other app will comply to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

GDPR Compliance on Retention and Deletion of Personal Data

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are committed to ensuring the lawful handling of personal data. Upon the termination of services, or the expiry of a contract or agreement, we are obligated to either return or delete all personal data in our possession, unless there is a legal requirement necessitating the retention of such data. Our actions will strictly adhere to the GDPR guidelines to ensure the privacy and protection of individual personal data.

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