Integrated API-Based Plagiarism Checking System

Have you been searching for some way to make the detection of plagiarism an automated process? If so, our company offers an integrated API that should satisfy this requirement.

The PlagiarismSearch system works effectively with any application and can easily be integrated with your apps in less than 24 hours. Our support team is available to help and advise you if you need any assistance with installing the new plagiarism checking API. If you have any questions about the process, our competent developers and helpful technical support personnel will be happy to assist.

Quick Overview of Our Plagiarism Checking API

In general terms, our API is perfect for any organization where there is heavy demand in terms of users and the amount of texts that need to be tested for plagiarism. In essence, the organizations that are likely to benefit most include schools, universities , colleges and publishing businesses. Put simply, you can integrate our system with any applications you use. The next section provides more information about the features of our system and the steps involved in the implementation process.


Key Features of Our Plagiarism-Checking API and Documentation

  • Various integration methods/options with much depending on the customer’s system(s)
  • Extended functionality
  • Complete set of system administration and management tools (including the ability to control individual elements)
  • Ready-to-use Moodle plugin.

In many cases, the customers who are most interested in using our API and integrating it with their own systems have access to people who are technically competent. However, there is no need to be frightened by the technical documentation if you do not have much technical expertise. This was created for IT experts.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you want to clarify any points at


Here Are the Steps to Get our Plagiarism Detection API

  • Contact us at for detailed information
  • Describe what your organization’s requirements are and we will provide a quote
  • Receive and integrate our API
  • Stay tuned for updates and keep in touch

APIWe will ensure you get instant help and a comprehensive response!

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