Telegram & Viber Chatbot user manual

advanced online plagiarism checker available 24/7
1. Start
Go to our telegram channel - PlagiarismSearch
2. Upload text
Insert your text or document for plagiarism
3. Waiting
Wait for the result of checking your uploaded text
4. Get result
Get a link to the report or download a PDF file

Our team assiduously works on the improvement of the quality level of the services for our clients. We understand the importance of mobility and simplicity of the usage of the advanced Plagiarism Checker on

Therefore, we decided to create a first-of-its-kind bot for plagiarism detection via the popular messengers (Your preferred app).

Let us introduce our novelties:

Telegram's bot plagiarism checker and Viber's bot plagiarism checker.

From now on, you can check the required text for plagiarism straight from your messenger. Everything you need to find is on Telegram or Viber, and then insert the text that has to be checked (or upload the necessary document). will instantly start plagiarism detection against billions of web pages. After the detection is over, you will get notification with the plagiarism detection result. Besides, to review the result fully, you will obtain a detailed report in a PDF format as well as a link to a report on

Your reports will remain on your plagiarism-scanning history (unless you delete them). Hence, you will always be able to view Plagiarism Checker results again (both on the app and on our website).

For your convenience, we recommend amalgamating your account on the website into the one on your messenger. In this case, you will have a single account with the common balance and reports history.

A pleasant bonus for all the users of messenger bot is
5 free submissions
(1 submission = 1000 words).
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