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PlagairismSearch is an impeccable document checker. Watch a tutorial! This step-by-step tutorial elucidates how to use our plugin for checking your written works via Google Docs. Moodle Plugin for Universities This readily understandable video tutorial will help you install plagiarism search plugin into your Moodle. Plagiarism detection in the academic world is as easy as ABC owing to our efforts.

How Plagiarism Checker Work: PlagiarismSearch Credible Explanation from Ace Experts. Learn more about the mechanics behind plagiarism detection.

Plagiarism checker: PlagiarismSearch Company Introduction [Easy Way to Check Paper for Plagiarism] PlagiarismSearch is an advanced plagiarism detection service. It allows to check up to 300 words for free daily. Do not hesitate and get your plagiarism-free papers! Paper Analysis Service Paper Analysis Service from offers in-depth text analysis and correction of grammar, stylistic, and punctuation errors from our experienced editors.

Interpreting PlagiarismSearch Similarity Report The originality report generated by has its special features. Our report is multi-layered, allowing you to delve into an in-depth investigation of the matched sources. Every coincidence is highlighted in a certain color that reveals a low, average, or high percentage of plagiarism. The matched text discloses an active link that leads directly to the original source or several sources with comparable information. Similarity score shows you not only the percentage of equivalent sentences but also the number of matched words.

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