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Jan 2022

Create Perfect Content with Our Grammar, Style, and Spell Checker

January 10, 2022

No matter what type of text you write: a blog post, essay, research paper, or dissertation, your grammar and spelling are always strictly evaluated by your readers. Run your piece of writing through our Grammar, Style, and Spell Checker to ensure that your writing is error-free before publishing or submitting it. Our software is designed to catch different types of grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and spelling flaws and offer the best ways to correct them. Try the service for free and make a step towards improving your writing skills. 

Dec 2021

Try Our Newly Upgraded Paper Analysis Service

December 17, 2021

Excellent paper writing requires skills that are time-consuming to gain. If you need to submit a flawless paper now and want to make sure the text is flawless, upload it through our Paper Analysis form and wait for the feedback from our experienced editors. Within the deadline you choose, PlagiarismSearch.com experts will provide you with detailed comments on how to improve your work. Please note that Paper Analysis Service can be purchased together with plagiarism check and readability score reports, as well as recommendations on how to improve the readability score of the submitted text.

Dec 2021

One of our API Advantages: Fair Words

December 02, 2021

We always recommend our clients who check written works regularly through our API, to request a customized plan with fair words, not submissions. How can a business or educational establishment benefit from fair words? Fair words mean that the words of the sentence that was checked earlier return to your balance and remain there for one week. Thus, if a client submits the same paper multiple times, editing only small parts of the text in the second and all the next submission attempts, only new words from the text will be withdrawn from the customer's balance. It is quite advantageous for clients who need to check the same texts several times, because they are charged only for new words in the submissions through our API.

Nov 2021

Welcome to Join Our Affiliate Program

November 15, 2021

We were excited to find out that many of our new customers start using PlagiarismSearch services on the recommendation of our returning clients. Thus, we decided to remind about our affiliate program to help you earn the loyalty bonuses! It's as simple as that: invite your friends to let them obtain 20% discount for their first plagiarism-scanning package purchase. At the same time, you will get the package your friend bought, except VIP account. It is an advantageous deal, isn't it?

Oct 2021

Now Available: Arabic Version of Our Homepage

October 22, 2021

At PlagiarismSearch.com we are always looking for different ways to make our website more user friendly for our foreign customers and partners. Today, we are happy to announce that our homepage was translated into Arabic. We hope that this update will make the experience of using our services more comfortable for the users who prefer the Arabic version over the English language. In addition, we remind you that our website can be viewed in Polish, Russian, and Spanish. To switch among the languages, please click on the tab at the top right corner of the page.

Oct 2021

Want More Discounts - Follow Us on Social Media

October 14, 2021

We would like every user to be a part of our online community to get the most out of our services and stay updated with our news and recent improvements. Check our posts on social media for exclusive coupons every month! You will also receive useful ideas, inspiration, and so much more you'll love. Click here to sign up and join PlagiarismSearch.com online community

Sep 2021

Search for References in the Body of the Text

September 27, 2021

Usually, references are placed in the end of the paper, and this predetermined the function of references search in our plagiarism checker. Realizing the fact that customers sometimes put references inside the body of their papers, we have upgraded the functions of our plagiarism detector to search for coincidences in references regardless of their position in the text. In addition, plagiarism detection in citations was also improved.

Sep 2021

Plagiarism Detection Through Archived PDF Files

September 13, 2021

Our team of experts is constantly looking for new ways to make you wait less for the results of plagiarism check as well as search for plagiarism in multiple file formats across the Web. This time we have increased text recognition and further plagiarism search in archived PDF files. Also, text recognition speed in .docx format was also improved.

Aug 2021

Additional Layer for Detecting Web Sources

August 16, 2021

We have added additional layer for detecting web sources’ plagiarism. In particular, if there was plagiarism from the Internet sources previously detected by our software (but no later than 1 month ago), these sources will appear at top 5 list of matches during the next plagiarism checks in case these web sources were plagiarized again. This feature will be useful for customers who submit many similar documents, like students’ works of one course, to instantly detect plagiarism in texts that were copied from certain web source(s).

Aug 2021

Simplified Data Load for Storage Users and Private Customers

August 02, 2021

We have enhanced and simplified the form for our individual customers and storage users to upload their files into the personal database. This form allows to upload (or Drag and Drop) text files and archives which will be automatically unpacked by our system and saved into the personal storage. 

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