Explaining the Results of Plagiarism and AI Check Report

A huge benefit of abundance of information online is an opportunity to study anywhere and at convenient time. At the same time, it is easy to find all the needed answers on the Internet and copy the online content. Staying at home and without taking any personal effort, a student can cope with all the given assignments in no time with the help of online resources. Another option how they can cheat with the tasks to complete is getting an AI-generated text and submitting it as a unique answer. Although it is so effortless and fast to get the paper written, any content which is not genuine and authentic can get a student into great trouble.

Only with the use of a reliable plagiarism checker, it is possible to make sure that the text is 1) unique; 2) human-written. An enormous cross-reference repository and database of Plagiarismsearch.com ensures detailed analysis and careful scanning of a certain text both for plagiarism and AI-generated passages. That makes it possible to avoid violation of intellectual property standards and principles of academic integrity. All teachers highly evaluate original ideas and a report from a plagiarism and AI-content checker can be a trustworthy proof of authenticity and a certification of honesty and eagerness to develop both at the personal and professional levels.

Here, at Plagiarismsearch.com, we have launched an effective classifier which ensures distinguishing between human-written and AI-composed texts. We keep developing and improving the strategies of detecting ChatGPT content as well as the outputs of other AI tools. To check your text for the likelihood of having AI-content in the text, you have to purchase a plagiarism check package that includes AI check.

You can either make use of the following link https://plagiarismsearch.com/account/buy or have active AI words balance. If you are interested in purchasing extra balance for the AI checker, please contact our support team at services@plagiarismsearch.com.

Please note that before you submit the text for Plagiarism and AI Check, we recommend you to double check your account settings and make sure that the AI option is switched on in Search On section. Choose the required options on the list:

  • My storage
  • AI
  • Web

You may switch off the option of AI check for different texts in the search tab and later switch it on again when needed. Click on the corresponding options:

  • Search on the web
  • Search for AI text

The user gets a clearly understandable report from Plagiarismsearch.com to have all the answers about the text which underwent checking. Thus, the report shows:

  • Date and exact time of uploading the file (Uploaded 19 Jun 2023 at 1:13 pm)
  • Precise number of words in the text
  • Review of the report info
  • Access to PDF report
  • Option to download the report
  • Option to add a corresponding report to the storage or delete it
  • A clearly visible button that shows where one can submit the file for checking

The user can see the percentage of plagiarism traced in the text and rate of AI probability (Total AI rate), presented in a nice graphical form. Right below, these rates are illustrated with such categories as

Plagiarism – for example, 30% of your text was taken from the found source.

Similarities – sources of the traced plagiarism, which used to be highlighted with orange and green in the reports of the previous version. Checking these sources, it is possible to determine exactly whether the text is actually copied.

AI probability – the percentage of likelihood that the whole text was AI generated. Some texts may contain only a few AI-generated sentences; so, we introduced one more criterion ‘Total AI rate’.

Total AI rate - presents the total percentage of AI generated text (passages) in the text. In other words, the highlighted sentence in the text shows the percentage of probability that this particular sentence was AI-generated. The report refers to Total AI rate which is the total % of AI probability of the highlighted sentences.

Citations – quotes and referenced ideas from the text.

References – list of the sources used for writing.

Character replacement – copying concealed by mechanical changes in the words in an attempt to outwit the checking tool.

After the conducted analysis, the sentences in the Plagiarismsearch report are highlighted with different colors.

Red denotes direct plagiarism and non-originality.

Yellow refers to similarities traced while checking.

Purple addresses the issues of AI probability.

Green indicates citations.

Dark blue represents the references.

Light blue specifies the sentences with character replacement for hiding non-originality.

Plagiarismsearch generates reports which clearly show all issues with the text in terms of originality. No matter which level of plagiarism or AI content is there, you can be sure that you will be informed about all of them. If you know about a problem, you will address it and get a flawless paper after the required changes. The convenience and efficiency of this tool makes it a top choice for those who care about the quality of writing.

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