The Contrast Between AI-Generated Ideas and Plagiarism
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The Contrast Between AI-Generated Ideas and Plagiarism

The Contrast Between AI-Generated Ideas and Plagiarism

Inspiration vs plagiarism. Authenticity vs committing a crime. Getting some help vs. stealing. All this is about using the latest technological advancements of AI technologies. You can view that as something terrible and ruining for true originality or try to turn it into a tool that brings inspiration and facilitates writing. It is absolutely illegal to copy the exact language, opinions, or ideas of any other author. It is pure plagiarism if you get the answers or the papers written by ChatGPT, for instance. Shame on you! However, if you get inspired by some AI ideas and give the credit to the researchers whose works you have used as a background, then why not?

Copying vs Inspiration Art

The offence of plagiarism can bring terrifying consequences. It is easy to get the writing done in a minute with the help of AI tools, but it will be awfully complicated to deal with legal actions, punishments in school, and loss of credibility if you are accused of misconduct. What you need to do is to avoid problems instead of creating them, and this is what you can do to actually benefit from using artificial intelligence.

  1. Get an insight into the difference between inspiration and plagiarism

You plagiarize when you use any ideas without referencing their actual source, copy paste some text, paraphrase the opinion of some researcher without giving proper credit to its author, or claim that the article generated by AI is written by you. If you agree with the ideas from other texts, that does not mean that you can borrow them and use as your own.

  1. Cite borrowed ideas

It is a must to attach a bibliography and use as many in-text citations as needed to refer to the original ideas. Even paraphrasing the ideas you want to use in your text requires mentioning the actual author. Proper citations are the key to originality in writing.

  1. Use reliable tools for plagiarism check

The and other plagiarism detection tools will help you prevent the issues with plagiarism in writing. If you are not certain whether your paper is truly original, the right way to check on that is to get a report on plagiarism and address all the issues before the paper gets submitted or published.

  1. Let yourself have sufficient time for writing

Right time management is your key to original writing. For sure, if only a few hours are left till your deadline, you will be tempted to use the AI tools and get your writing done in no time without any effort from your side. Master the skill of getting the right solution in due time. Procrastination leads to nowhere.

Hints on How to Take Inspiration without Copying

What if you take a single idea from an AI-generated article and then write several paragraphs in your own words without copying anything? The final output will be completely different from the original article. The question is – can there be an absolutely brand new idea which has never been used before? Actually, it can be, but it is an exclusive thing, not a common practice. So, if you touch upon the same topic or use similar techniques to those applied by AI in writing, it will not be pure plagiarism. Instead, it will look like following a sample or getting inspired by someone’s work.

You are not a copycat! No copying blindly! What can you do to make the AI ideas yours?

  1. Add new elements

This is a great trick which can make the text look pretty new.

  1. Eliminate some elements

Remove some ideas and get only those which are essential to cover your own ideas.

  1. Make a mixture of ideas

Work on the text which combines your own opinions and borrowed ideas.

  1. Use inversion

Turn the ideas upside down and nobody will understand that you were using the AI approaches to the problem.

  1. Extend the ideas

Borrow some thoughts and present them both from this and entirely new perspective.

  1. Make AI ideas sound as human as possible

You know what you need and you can use the text you have for your own purposes.

  1. Brainstorm with AI

Use the AI as a box of treasure! You will be surprised home many ideas you can collect with its help. After that your task is to analyze them and decide on the ones you need and agree with.

Bang! You will see that AI is now your friend and assistant, not your enemy that causes troubles. We all get inspiration from different sources as it is natural to look for assistance. The most important thing is to see the line between the accidental or voluntary copying and inspiration. The more you practice the better you will get at getting outstanding results of cooperation with AI tools. You will learn how to express your vision in an exclusive manner and that will get you more pride in your work. Having a creative spirit, you will build on the top of the ideas AI can give, infringing on the work of the machine. Just be cautious and walk on the right side! No hidden tricks which are shameful or unethical. It is time for you to discover your own voice with the help of AI. Learn new things, combine, and play with words!

To tell the truth, genuine originality is extremely rare nowadays. Go for it if you have found a great topic in an AI-written text! Get inspired with some unconventional approach to a problem and develop this idea into your own solution. It is great to feel inspired no matter what the source of this outstanding feeling is. Get a subject or technique from AI, but present it in your own style and in your own voice! Let the idea be backed up with your own arguments and opinions! Sound yourself even if you made use of AI assistance and you will get what you need without any issues with plagiarism.
Melissa Anderson
Born in Greenville, North Carolina. Studied Commerce at Pitt Community College. Volunteer in various international projects aimed at environmental protection.
Former Customer Service Manager at OpenTeam | Former Company secretary at Chicago Digital Post | PlagiarismSearch Communications Manager
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