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Will ChatGPT Replace Copywriters?

Will ChatGPT Replace Copywriters?

Digitalization has turned the world upside down. Still, are there any things which remain stable? Business owners used to believe that limitless amounts of online resources eliminate the need in copywriting specialists. Anyone can collect ideas on the Internet and write an article for business. This idea soon appeared to be absolutely wrong. Yes, the scope of online resources is impressive. Yes, it is possible to opt for DIY marketing. However, if you want to see your business grow, you need compelling texts that make a difference. Nowadays, there is another question that bothers everyone on the market: Will AI replace copywriters? Is it a new solution that saves time, money, and effort? Actually, will copywriters get unemployed in the times when everyone can get any writing help from a machine in no time?

Will AI Take over Copywriting?

  1. Ability to change attitudes and purchasing decisions

AI tools compose flawless texts with perfect structure and logical combination of well-selected ideas. Still, this does not guarantee that such texts can affect the perception of potential customers. The words composed in neat sentences can look fantastic, but they will be dead without solid knowledge, background, and skills of actual copywriters. How can an AI tool know how to resonate with the audience if it has never done this work before? Capturing the attention of potential customers, copywriters call them to action and motivate them to spend their money. For sure, ChatGPT or any other tool can help a copywriter get started or polish the final output, but it cannot do the task from the beginning to the very end.

  1. Ability to save time and nerves

You are dreaming about a perfect tool that will generate you anything you want in no time. You are eager to devote a few seconds, well, minutes, to give a hint to an AI magician to get the maximum marketing effort from it. You cannot handle the service and manage all your operations all by yourself; still, AI will not become your free copywriter. For sure, outsourcing a human specialist in copywriting costs you money, but AI-generated content unfortunately will not bring the effect you expect.

  1. Consistency and relevance

You cannot order an article here and there and ensure the efficiency of marketing in your business, Actually, what you need is an ongoing cycle of creating engaging content for social media, website, and email marketing. You have to stay competitive all the time; otherwise, you will dissolve in the ocean of competitors. A stream of AI content is free, but its relevance will be doubtful. A copywriter analyzes the results of a marketing campaign and makes corresponding conclusions to change the direction or cover some adjacent topics for better efficiency, while an AI tool will not be able to be that flexible.

  1. Originality of content

If you want to be sure that you produce plagiarism-free articles and posts and your brand has a unique voice on the market, you cannot rely only on AI tools. Such software as PlagiarismSearch.com can easily trace not only copied texts, but also AI generated passages and that will definitely not help you stand out among the similar companies. The question ‘Will ChatGPT replace copywriters?’ has a clear negative answer as a machine cannot guarantee a distinctive tone in writing yet. Even if you attract the attention of your potential clients, you need to be sure that no other brand does the same.

Human Touch to Persuasive Content

What is the greatest strength of AI writing? For sure, it is in-depth analysis of text data and ability to generate content quickly that make machine copywriting tools popular among the businesses. Still, it is doubtful that the computer program can master the art of persuasion and be creative enough to cover all the nuances and make a difference in the development of your business. Having an AI tool as your companion in business gives you an algorithm of fast but standard approach to marketing, and it is wrong to be afraid of that. A copywriter oriented at success and development under the present-day conditions should be ready to combine the human skills with huge capabilities of artificial mind.

Benefits of AI in Copywriting

  • Variety and diversity

Whatever topic needs research, AI can generate the text of any length and level of complexity. You can change the criteria and get a different variation from a new perspective. Thus, using this, a copywriter can prevent repetitions in new texts.

  • Speed

No human copywriter can be as fast as AI. It takes much more resources for a copywriter to handle a lot of content and meet the deadline that it does for a GPT chat. Nobody can write a text in a few minutes, but AI tools can.

  • Level of optimization

AI analytics and ability to imitate the required style with the use of a specific tone, format, and even key phrases are unmatched. Thus, you can ensure effective optimization of texts for different platforms.

  • Creativity

It may sound weird, but AI tools can be witty. Using humor is no longer a feature of humans only. Although rhymes or metaphors can still sound a bit unusual, the tools get better at original sounding and the texts they create become more and more appealing for the audience.

Limitations of AI in Copywriting

  • Consistency

AI-generated texts may sometimes sound contradictory. Your brand has a unique identity and you want all the content be consistent with your values. Still, with the AI writing, you can never be sure that all the data are relevant.

  • Accuracy

A copywriter who cares about reputation always double checks the credibility of the created content, while the texts of AI tools can be incorrect or inappropriate for a specific target group.

  • Morality

Ethics is not an important principle for machines. Without double checking all the texts, you may get an offensive article or some sensitive content in a post, thus violating someone’s rights or privacy.

  • Plagiarism

AI tools may disregard citing the actual authors of ideas and that leads to unoriginality and lack of proper attribution of ideas. Besides, some of the used sources may be outdated or stereotypical.

A really valuable piece of advice for a copywriter is to be collaborative! Working with editors, other copywriters, and marketers is not enough now. One of the urgent needs in copywriting is to make use of AI resources. Will AI replace content writers? Not really, but it will help them be more effective, improve their performance, and produce the content that will be excellent for business. It may be tempting to use AI texts without any marketing budget for copywriters, but this is a wrong approach that leads nowhere. Great returns are guaranteed only if you take AI as an assistant not as a magic wand that gives all the answers to your copywriting questions.

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