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A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 1

Plagiarism is a prohibited act. However, there are some people, both from the academe and the professional world, who cannot get rid from being caught or accused of plagiarism. Many writers are trying to avoid this but still find themselves caught or accused plagiarizing. Many colleges and universities are already imposing strict rules and regulations against this act because it is becoming pervasive especially among students who tend to just copy or buy someone elseТs work. The most common reason why most people are still trapped in committing plagiarism lies in the fact that there is a little knowledge about the forms and rules o...

How to Avoid Plagiarism Part 2

In writing a paper which uses other people’s ideas incorporated to the article, one should take note of these important reminders: • Know the proper paraphrasing rules Paraphrasing is one way of putting other sources’ idea into your own words. With this, one should rewrite the original idea using different words and sentence structure. However, this does not mean that simply changing the word of the original text qualify as a paraphrase. The idea of the original author should clearly be seen in the paraphrased text while using one’s own words. Moreover, despite the changes in the sentence, citation is still necessary for paraphra...

How to Avoid Plagiarism Part 1

Writing a research paper is part of a student’s life. Most of the time, students are required a research paper as the final requirement. In writing, one has to write his own ideas while incorporating gathered facts and details from thorough research. But while doing this, a student comes across many questions. When does a student’s idea begin and where should the research be written? How can a student mix up these ideas into one coherent article? How can one arrange different gathered facts and cite them? These and more questions can confuse a student. When these questions are not answered properly, plagiarism may take ...

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