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Plagiarism Free Article. How To Do That Right

Plagiarism Free Article. How To Do That Right

Plagiarism can be defined in so many different ways, but whichever way you choose to define it, you will still come up with the same thing depending on the context in which you are in. Plagiarism, in essence, is the act of stealing another person’s work, be it in a conversation, writing essay, song, movie or even an idea and passing it off to others as your own. It can be information that is taken from somebody’s web page, a movie, artworks or any other publishing.

In avoiding plagiarism, it is always advisable for you to recognize the source of your information. This will help you come up with a free plagiarism essay; you can do this by using in-text citation that is, recognizing your source by giving credit to the author or any other source where the article is taken from. Failing to recognize the source, your work will automatically tantamount to plagiarism.

Main mistakes while writing a plagiarism free article

In the process of avoiding plagiarism, most writers always make a lot of mistakes. The most common mistakes that always appear in the paper are that writers use the paraphrased information and they do not or forget totally to provide citations at all. It is important to cite information, whether it is, quoted or paraphrased information. Every source that is cited should always appear in the bibliography or references.

Whenever you decide to do your work by means of paraphrasing always put aside the original article when writing. And if you find it hard to put it in your own word so that it becomes something new, you are always allowed to quote but do not forget to put citations. This way you won’t be a victim of plagiarism. Plagiarism essay can always make one be in trouble whether intentional or unintentional, one might face penalties for making this mistake.

Always remember to put citations the minute you decide to use the quote from a source directly, do not put it in your memory so that you can come back and do it later after you have finished writing the whole article. This is because it is always easy to forget where the quote begins and ends, this can lead to wrong citations or even cite incorrectly. Whether this is done unintentionally, still it will be plagiarized.

How to write a successful plagiarism free article

For you to come up with a successful plagiarism free article, the only thing you need to do is to always care about what you do and always take pride in your article. This will help you be keen with the article you present to your readers or clients. This way, everything will just fall in place by it selves. This can be done by doing the following: take your time; know your sources and keep track of them; you have to read more than one source; quote your work; paraphrase; and also check.

It is always advisable to take your time when writing an article. By doing this, you will be able to plan your work carefully. You will also be able to edit and proofread your work so that you can avoid having anything in your article that is not yours.

Also, knowing your sources and keeping track of them is important because by doing this you will be able to differentiate what are your own work and other people’s work, doing this will help you know where to put citations and appreciate other’s work.

Reading from more than one source is also important when trying to avoid plagiarism, it will help you to come up with an improve version of ideas you have learned from the different sources. So it is a good idea to read from different sources and learn more significant things about the essay or article you are writing.

Quoting your source is also very significant because it shows that you recognize the author of the web page or the article you are writing. It also helps the reader or your targeted audiences know exactly where you got the information from, and when they want more information they can simply go to the site you have quoted and read more.

When referring to information that is common knowledge, it is important to paraphrase. It is important to make sure that you paraphrase or rewrite the article using your own words in order to make it look more original.

And finally, you can also check your articles by running it through online checkers, or free cheating sites. These sites help you identify where you might have plagiarized and correct them before you submit your work.

Main ways to avoid plagiarism

Currently, finding information for your articles or essays are easy, and it is always difficult to avoid plagiarism when writing any essay or article. That is to say, it has become difficult for most essays and article writers to come up with their own original work that is free from plagiarism.

Here are some of the main ways to avoid plagiarism:-
It is always important to run your essay or articles through online plagiarism checker or free cheating sites before submitting your work to the intended audience. This will help you detect plagiarism and rectify them before submitting.

Also, you should cite your work whenever you lift it from another source, you should remember to cite properly because if you do not, plagiarism can still be detected. And also when quoting a source one should quote the words exactly the way they appear to avoid misquoting someone, it must also be done correctly to avoid cases of plagiarism.
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