World’s Famous Stolen Inventions
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World’s Famous Stolen Inventions

World’s Famous Stolen Inventions

Stolen Inventions

The problem of plagiarism has existed throughout the whole course of history, and it could be found in all forms of art and great inventions. When someone faces it in present-day conditions, the rights for this or that development can be easily proven. Nevertheless, it has not always been so. The world famous stolen inventions, which brought notoriety to the scientists, are listed below. 

The Power Generator

I am inclined to believe that every one of you has once heard of AC/DC. I bet you that when you hear AC/DC, the first thought that appears in your mind is referred to the phenomenally popular rock band from Australia. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered about the origin of its name? AC stands for alternating current, and DC – for direct current.

These terms were introduced by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison respectively. The rivalry between these two prominent scientists lasted for many years. In the early 1880s, Nikola Tesla came up with the idea of the alternating current generator, which was capable of transmitting a substantial amount of energy over the long distances without a loss in energy itself. Thomas Edison was not in favor of this invention, as he received a sufficient income from the direct current power supplies.

Edison claimed that his invention was more advanced as safer despite its drawback – a need in the iteration of the generator each several miles. Nonetheless, he could not be considered as the inventor of the power station, while he was the first one who developed a station for delivering electrical lightning.

Light Bulb

The other doubtful issue regarded to the name of Thomas Edison was his creation of a light bulb. That is what you have studied at school, and partly your teachers were right, in case they claimed him to be the father of a modern light bulb. The focal point here is that when Edison received a patent for this invention, electricity light bulbs had already existed for over half a century. The question of the bulb’s authenticity culminated with Edison’s losing the patent ownership in the USA and Great Britain. Many say that the true father of the light bulb was a British physicist and developer Joseph Swan.

The Telescope

‘Galileo Galilei’s invention!’ you will exclaim and will be mistaken. This information is not wholly inaccurate as has a grain of truth, but Galilei should have been given credits only as a person who successfully copied the invention of the Dutch developer and spectacle maker.The latter’s name was Hans Lippershey, and his ownership rights to the telescope were doubtless.

The denial he received for the attempt to patent his discovery was explained by the ease of reproduction. In a year, the rumors about this case circulated over the Europe and reached Italy, where Galilei decided to make a copy of his own. He succeeded, applied for a patent, and now he is a world well-known telescope inventor. This case should be considered as the case of one of the most famous stolen inventions.

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