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Transforming Education through Personalized Learning

Transforming Education through Personalized Learning

The role of AI in the present-day world cannot be overestimated. It is for a reason that after ‘NFT’ in 2021 and ‘permacrisis’ in 2022, ‘AI’ has become the word of the year in 2023, according to the Collins Dictionary. So, if artificial intelligence defined as “modelling of human mental functions by computer programs” has become an integral part of all spheres, why not consider the option of having an AI tutor instead of a human teacher?

What do you imagine when you think about an AI tutoring system? Is it a robot with a pointer? Is it special software that gives lectures in a strict voice and checks assignments? Or would you like to have a friendly assistant who can give huge support and even do tasks instead of you? It is high time to think about the benefits of intelligent AI systems in education as they are definitely going to get into schooling of present-day and future generations.

Artificial Intelligence Tutor or Assistant of a Cheater?

For sure, one of the greatest temptations for a modern student is to ask AI to help with homework. Whatever subject or discipline seems to be challenging, a chatbot can provide an answer even to the most sophisticated question and save the nerves and time of a learner.

What do you actually do if you need AI assistance with your school task?

  1. Type a precise question into the search box.
  2. Click on the button ‘search’ and wait.
  3. In a few seconds, see the ready-made answer.
  4. Ask for more details or explanations, if needed.
  5. Make sure the answer is not submitted as it is. What you get from AI rools is a sample or template for your own writing.
  6. Do your writing and with the help of, you check whether the answer appears as original and only then you can share it with your peers or instructors.

Students have never been happier as they can now get solutions to the most complicated problems in no time. More than that, if one lacks understanding of some rule or explanation from a textbook, it is convenient and easy to ask AI for help and gain an insight into what used to be so confusing. Still, a lot of students get into a trap and perceive AI tools as their magic wand to freedom and entertainment. We would like to warn everyone again and again: taking the answer from a chatbot and using it as your own is one of the brightest examples of plagiarism!

Advantages of Introducing AI Tutor Intelligence into Classroom

We are dreaming about sustainable future and everyone’s well-being in a well-organized society. Without any doubt, only a sustainable system of education can serve as a solid basis for this perfect vision of happiness and productivity. Still, without adequate infrastructure, high level of awareness, sufficient resources, a lot of time for catering unique students’ preferences, and motivation of talented teachers, it is impossible to address all the challenges that the schooling system keeps facing. It is where AI can apply its enormous potential and create numerous opportunities for sustainable education that students can enjoy in their individual manner.

After the realities of pandemic, a lot of people are sick and tired of online studies and remote working. Nevertheless, some got used and even addicted to a new style of life. Learning has obtained numerous forms, and AI tutoring has been added as one more which is getting more and more popular. A learning system based on using computer technologies uses no human teacher but gives human-like classes with direct interaction and prompt feedback to the learners. It teaches with the use of different methods and accumulates information about a learner in a profile that remembers all the new skills and approaches the student has mastered. It is absolutely fine for a student to choose a very quick or slow pace of acquiring knowledge as AI tutors take into account even such factors as individual emotions, ambitions, and style of perceiving information.

Unmatched Benefits of the Latest AI-Integrated Tutoring Systems

  • use of NLP (natural language processing) techniques
  • in-depth analysis of learning behavior to evaluate the rate of learner’s progress
  • huge capabilities of data analysis
  • accessibility of education without any gap between the students and educators
  • flexibility in the process of learning
  • promotion in equality as students’ financial status and geographical location do not matter.

In general, the main features of AI tutoring systems are given in brief below:

  • personalized experience of acquiring knowledge
  • immediate assistance and instructions
  • answers to all questions
  • support and feedback given on the spot
  • determining the areas that require more attention
  • improving the efficiency of studying as all the help is customized
  • assessment of the student’s performance and analysis of short-term and long-term progress
  • no bias or prejudice as there is no or little, if needed, human intervention.

People have taught computers how to teach people! With the focus on flexibility and personalization, AI systems make students more motivated, engaged, committed, and curious! The preferences of individual students really matter and a tutor takes them into account while planning the next class. With the transparent use of all algorithms and open communication, it is possible to build trust and foster confidence of a student!

It is amazing that academic support can be personalized without huge time resources of the teacher staff. If further research gets sufficient encouragement and support and all the challenges on the way to AI education are addressed properly, technologies can unlock their full potential for the students and teachers, looking for quality and sustainability. Everybody values flexibility in the learning environment, adaptability in studies, personalized instruction, and automated evaluation of skills and knowledge. Incorporating an education chatbot in the tutoring systems can result in an increase in sustainability of the field and positive outcomes for the students and educators. The future of schooling can be much brighter with AI used adequately and with all aspects taken into account.
Melissa Anderson
Born in Greenville, North Carolina. Studied Commerce at Pitt Community College. Volunteer in various international projects aimed at environmental protection.
Former Customer Service Manager at OpenTeam | Former Company secretary at Chicago Digital Post | PlagiarismSearch Communications Manager
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