Maximizing Revenue with Automated Content Generation
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Maximizing Revenue with Automated Content Generation

Maximizing Revenue with Automated Content Generation

If you are a blogger, your utmost goal is definitely to live off your work and monetize the efforts you exert. There has been so much content on any topic available online lately, that you need to develop a strategy to stand out among others; otherwise, your chances to make a good profit are rather low. AI technology can change the rules of the game in blogging as it has already done in video producing, music, and academic writing. The future of blogging is golden as there are countless opportunities of how the work of bloggers can be monetized, especially with the contribution of AI into creating and consuming content in the present-day life.

AI and Content Monetization

Is monetizing a blog composed with the help of AI tools possible? The answer is positive – why not? For sure, it goes not about the cases when artificial intelligence software creates texts without any human interruption. If you use the assistance of automated systems for creating content but then give a considerable human touch to it and personalize it, it definitely gives value to the users; thus, it can be monetized. If your blog is human-written, but the only thing is does is using the required number of keywords to target the needed population groups, the worth is has is very little. However, if it covers the ideas which are interesting for the audience as they touch upon sensitive topics and make people think, it does not matter whether the content is purely human-generated.

  1. Creating content with the help of AI

Bloggers can benefit from the use of AI algorithms in creating new content as they cannot analyze large amounts of data with the same efficiency as artificial intelligence can. AI does analysis of news articles, posts on social media, tendencies in interests of users, behavior patterns of the target audience, and so on, saving resources and time of human bloggers and creators. Thus, the value of content is increased as well as the amount of produced content. Moreover, it is possible to get AI recommendations regarding the personalization of content on the basis of thorough analysis of behavior and preferences. So, you can reduce costs, but at the same time make content more engaging for the audience.

NB: Mind the trap with stereotypes and biases as AI algorithms may misunderstand subtle details and produce content which is not appropriate.

  1. Getting guidance on blog personalization

The aim of every blogger, interested in monetizing what they have created, is to maximize the profit and make the user experience better. AI technologies can analyze the search queries, browsing history, preferences in choosing content, and other user data to prepare recommendations for every particular blogger. It is a powerful tool that enables bloggers to reach the target audience. The more user engagement AI gets, the higher revenue a blogger obtains.

NB: Mind the principles of ethics and treat the data responsibly to avoid negative consequences of using AI.

  1. Targeting and optimizing content

If blogs are related to advertising services or goods, AI-powered technologies are of unmatched use. They do adjustment of content, improve the placement strategy, and optimize the reach every ad has. The users who will unlikely show any interest to particular services or products are not included in the target group for a corresponding blog.

NB: There is also a certain risk of using data with stereotypes or bias.

Adding Value to Blog Content

The topic of your blog can belong to any sphere but the most essential thing is to provide valuable content to the users looking for certain information. Even if the blog was created with the use of AI, it requires adding some details manually to make it more valuable.

Humanizing the content, you can simultaneously monetize it. So, what exactly can you do to upgrade the level of the created content?

  • Add statistics

Looking through the text, try to insert striking facts and numbers here and there. It is important to check on the reliability of the sources you use as the content gets more credible and authentic only if it contains no false information.

  • Create figures and graphs

Although it takes a few minutes only, the perception of content differs dramatically if it contains some graphical representation of the data.

  • Add images

A lot of content can make your audience bored; so, try to use screenshots or pictures to make your ideas clearer and more interesting.

  • Mind the tone of writing

Editing the content is the step which is a must-have in blog writing. You can either try to evaluate the value of your text yourself or ask someone to review it and give comments.

Protecting the Rights of Content Creators

Although it may sound as a paradox, AI technologies help to identify the copyright infringement and ensure protecting rights of content creators. What are some blogging consequences for those who make use of AI technologies? Intellectual property helps its creators earn money; so, any unauthorized use of what they have created leads to their losses. Use of along with AI tools makes sure that content is authentic and free of copied ideas. With the help of AI, it is possible to analyze online content and monitor it for detection of any issues with copyright and seeking damages.

Using predictive strategies, optimizing content, analyzing huge amounts of data, and identifying trends in user behavior and global development patterns, AI turns content monetization for bloggers into reality. Improving engagement of blogs, AI also identifies cases of plagiarism and intellectual property theft to prevent any issues with content monetization. The limit is the sky for the opportunities of artificial intelligence; so, there will be more and more opportunities for protection, revenue maximization, and innovations in the sphere of blogging as well as in all other ones. For sure, enhancement of content monetization is the purpose of every ambitious blogger. Still, it is crucially important to take into account such matters as ethical concerns, unbiased presentation intellectual ownership rights, responsible attitude to data, and respect to privacy.

Kelsey Ayton
Born in Warsaw. Studied Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities; took part in several inspiring Erasmus programs.
Former Practical Psychologist| Blogger of Various Mass Media | Currently PlagiarismSearch content writer | Mother-Freelancer
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