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Plagiarism in Music Videos

Plagiarism in Music Videos

Music Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of another author’s music while representing it as one’s original work. Plagiarism in music now occurs in two contexts—with a musica...

Plagiarism Lawsuits. Top 10 Most Interesting Cases

The term plagiarism refers to using ideas, text, research and other types of intellectual property without giving a credit to the original owner of the intellectual property right. Plagiarism cases may occur in various spheres of culture and education, including cinematography, poetry and writing, scientific research, songs etc. There are even some known plagiarism cases in the national symbols of the states, like plagiarizing of national anthem or flag colors. Plagiarism laws and policies have been developed and adopted in legislative systems of the most developed countries. Obviously, the person that is caught on plagiarism has ...

Plagiarism in Russia: Top Funny Incidents

Plagiarism is a huge problem in modern Russian universities. While the particular problem was not even an issue in the times of Soviet Union known for its upraised standards of higher education, current situation with plagiarism in Russia has a drastic nature. The evolution of the internet and the availability of an access to unlimited content procreated a serious problem. The other side of the coin is weak legislative basement. Only few Russian universities have real policies that prohibit Russian students from using copy-pasted contend without proper attribution to the original source of information. Namely, the Moscow State ...

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