Cases of Plagiarism in Literature Which You do Not Suspect
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Cases of Plagiarism in Literature Which You do Not Suspect

Cases of Plagiarism in Literature Which You do Not Suspect

Ideas are hard to get especially if you are trying to come up with new ideas of your own. This is one of the main reasons as to why most people are always copying and pasting stuff from the internet. However, there are a few people who misuse research done by other individuals by copying it and making it seem like their own. Most people can get away with it but some cannot. A good example includes reputable politicians, scientists, and authors. Such people know that others will scrutinize their work, but they still go ahead and participate in thievery.

Four examples of famous plagiarism cases

  • Barack Obama: On February 8, 2008, during his presidential campaign, Obama made a speech in Wisconsin which was copied from other speeches made by founders of the United States and mainly a speech made by the Governor of Massachusetts in 2006. Obama later made a speech apologizing for not giving Deval the credit he deserved for his speech.
  • Vaughn Ward: In the year 2010, Vaughn had a brilliant future in politics after serving in the Iraq war. He was chosen as one of the members of the Republican Congressional Committee, and he was also certified by Sarah Palin. Vaughn lost his chance as a brilliant politician in DC by plagiarizing his speech with direct quotations from Barack Obamas speech.
  • John Walsh: The Senator of Montana John Walsh was accused of plagiarizing his thesis in the year 2007 in the United States Army War College. Only a quarter of his paper was lifted from other sources.
  • Joe Bidden: The Vice President of the United States of America had to withdraw from his race for the presidential seat in the year 1988 due to charges of plagiarism. His speech was highly plagiarized with words of the unsuccessful politician Neil Kinnock of Britain. He also took part of his speech from Hubert Humphrey and JF Kennedy.

Plagiarism is a violation of copyright laws and is a form of cheating, and one can fail in his or her grades. In more severe cases, one can be expelled. Some examples of plagiarism include;

When you decide to create a website to make a living from it, you can be tempted to copy other articles that are similar to the topic you want and to change the name and topic of the author.

If you have an academic website, or you are an academic, you are expected to research papers on many different topics every day. You may not have the time to research because of other businesses or obligations to your family. An example of plagiarism on how most people avoid this task is by copying old journals from other states. You may think that nobody will find out, but the chances are that people in the long run and you will have to close your website or refund money to people you duped.

Other examples of plagiarism include when students who are expected to write book reports as part of their assignments copy reviews of the book and submit them to the professor.

Plagiarism is also defined as the use or imitation of the language and thought without authority of the main author and representing them as your work. In academic, plagiarism is a serious offense. Plagiarism varies depending on the extent of the plagiarized work. In academics, minimal plagiarism is common by editing the works of other people. For example, a student can summarize an author’s source without giving credit to him or her. Credit should be given through inline citation and not relying too closely to the source.

Another example of plagiarism is when a person translates articles or a source without the author’s permission. Many writers, for instance, can’t deny stealing others work in one way or another. They can come across an interesting thing in another author’s article and won’t mind adding it to their work. This also is plagiarism. Writers are therefore advised to be on the viewpoint on plagiarism and be a more original in their work.

Many educational institutions like colleges and universities have put in place strict strategies measures on every student’s academic conduct and how to deal with indiscipline cases. This may include failing in an assignment or even being expelled from school. Institutions should also take the responsibility of supervising and guiding their students during a research and educate them regarding the research and its way. Also, they should be told about the research principles. There are a few ways of preventing cheating or plagiarism in students.

A student should be given many responsibilities in overseeing his or her academic truthfulness helping them to improve their academic performance. They should be included in early integrity exercise that has the course level support. This training course should also have the faculty role modeling. Honor pledges and honor declarations should also be included as one of the strategies to prevent and lower the cases of plagiarism.

A good and easy way to detect plagiarism is by copying and pasting the documents into search engines that will automatically detect a match or near match to any website as plagiarism. You can also use the free plagiarism detectors that are found online. It is also advisable for a writer to sue attributions when using another person’s words or even articles.
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