How to Use PlagiarismSearch Google Add-on

The usefulness of PlagiarismSearch is not limited to our Moodle plugin, the functionality of which was described in our previous article “API Integration to the Widely Used Learning Management System”. Both corporate clients and educational establishments successfully installed our similarity checker in their Google Docs. Indeed, we have a special extension that allows you to check all your texts for plagiarism directly from your Google documents.

PlagiarismSearch Seamlessly Amalgamated into the Helpful Features of Google Docs

In the contemporary world of constant digital progress and online education, the majority of academic projects, from ordinary homework to extensive investigations, are assigned via Google Classroom. Therefore, all the written tasks are duplicated and stored in Google Docs. Sometimes, teachers allow to turn in final papers in this very format of digital documents. The usage of Google Docs became highly-demanded, as it facilitates the studying process, keeping all the assignments, old and new ones, at hand.

All the Google Docs’ users benefit from its spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation editor. Content writers write their blog posts and articles directly there. Students complete their homework and write their essays. Teachers create new tasks and check the results, not leaving this “online office”. One of the greatest benefits of this Google program is the ability to include the whole team into one document. It means developing new ideas for an upcoming project can turn into a fruitful teamwork between classmates or colleagues. All the changes are instantly saved or updated – it is just important to allow all the relevant users to edit the assignment.

Both project supervisors and professors can track the progress of each task implementation. Comments and suggestions can be provided simultaneously. It is even possible to look at the history of revisions to discern the most active participants. What is more important, any mistakenly deleted content can be easily restored.

Features of PlagiarismSearch Google Add-on

Having briefly evaluated Google Docs advantages, we can further move to the benefits of PlagiarismSearch Google Add-on. While it does not belong to the most popular Chrome extensions yet, it will be almost impossible to stop using it after you already tried. Those clients who use our Add-on for Chrome started checking even more texts per hour, as it greatly simplifies the general plagiarism detection process. You do not have to copy and paste or upload a new text into the special field on our website each time you want to check it for similarities.

One important thing you have to remember: while our extension can be downloaded and installed free of charge, your balance cannot be empty. Hence, pay attention to the fact that PlagiarismSearch add-on will work perfectly in connection with your chosen package that would cover all your text-checking needs. Only 300 words can be scanned daily for free. You also should not worry if the available packages do not cover your needs. The solution is simple – you should request a personalized pricing plan to scan your texts for coincidences without delays. The secret of customization lies in purchasing the exact number of words instead of submissions.

Consequently, we can state that among all the extensions for teachers, PlagiarismSearch remains a highly valuable supplement. Each day, new users discern the levels of authenticity in their texts much more efficiently owing to our similarity-scanning Add-on for browser used by millions of people around the globe. We are sure that gradually PlagiarismSearch will be deemed one of the best Google Chrome extensions not only for educational purposes, but also for individual and corporate content writing goals.

Instruction on how to use PlagiarismSearch Google Docs Add-On

Our user-friendly system will instantly teach you how to check paper for plagiarism. As an alternative to contacting us whenever you have any questions on our tool’s functionality, you can also read our step-by-step article “How to Use Our Plagiarism Checker. Detailed Guide”.

It is advantageous that you can use a plagiarism checker not only on our website or via the necessary LMS, but also via the Google Docs. Check paper for plagiarism following the simplest guidelines:

  • Open your Google document;
  • Choose “Add-Ons” on the top of the page and press “Get Add-Ons”;
  • Type “plagiarismsearch” into the search box and find the Add-On;
  • Click on PlagiarismSearch Add-On and press “+Free”;
  • Choose your Google account from the menu and click “Advanced”;
  • Scroll down and choose “Go to PlagiarismSearch”;
  • Allow PlagiarismSearch to access your Google account by clicking “Allow”;
  • Go back to Google document menu and choose “Add-Ons” > “PlagiarismSearch” > “Open”;
  • Sign in using your PlagiarismSearch account login and password;
  • Press “Start Checking”;
  • You will be able to download PDF plagiarism report after the check is finished.

Although you can use our Google Add-on when you have only 300 free words on your account, you will be able to assess all its benefits only after you purchase the ultimate package or request a customized quote. Whenever you encounter any problem, describe it in detail by addressing our Customer Care team. Do not miss the opportunity to check for plagiarism online using our expedient Google Docs extension!

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