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What to do When You Become a Victim of Plagiarism

A victim is quite a strong word we usually use in cases when someone has been seriously harmed or injured by other people (with the exception of cases when we use this word within the humorous context, i.e. “the victim of a hoax”). And rightfully so we say “a victim of plagiarism” when someone’s work has been used and published without any author’s consent. This isn’t a small problem as it may seem at first. Dealing with plagiarism is a stressful endeavor and it assumes a lot of work to be made in order to compensate the harm that has been done. Additionally, one should know that this process will likely take months or, in some ca...

When Plagiarism Can Be Useful

Plagiarism is a going concern in many areas. People steal ideas, parts of text, research works, songs and poems, and use the borrowed information as their own achievements. When plagiarism facts become known to the public, offenders may bear serious punishment. The punishment for plagiarism may include termination of the work contract, expel from university or college, deprivation of rank or title, financial claims or political consequences. However, sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to determine whether the material is plagiarized. Besides, there is a chance of coincidence. And, in such cases, so-called “plagiarism” is n...

9 Facts About the Plagiarism that You Ought to Learn

One of the major problems not only in the academe but also in the corporate world, entertainment arena, and all other avenues is plagiarism. There are various problems arising on the grounds of the critical issue of plagiarism. This stems from the reason that he notion of plagiarism to many people is still vague or unclear. Plagiarism being an act of intellectual dishonesty is defined by the acts of stealing the ideas and innovations of others and trying to show ownership of these. Here are relevant facts to learn about plagiarism: Plagiarism is a crime regardless of whether or not you are consciously or unconsciously doing it. ...

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