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Advanced Information Technology and Plagiarism

Rampant Cases of PlagiarismCases of plagiarism are rampant and are becoming uncontrollable. We can put the blame on the fast advancement of technologies. To be more specific, it is the internet technology which is now the most used medium to gather information. Not only that internet is very sophisticated but also, it is accessible to most. Decades ago, plagiarism only takes place when one copy ideas from instructional materials like books but now, it has become widespread as internet connection is almost available in every part of the world. The internet enables the people to access on almost all the needed information they want ...

How to Avoid Plagiarism Part 2

In writing a paper which uses other people’s ideas incorporated to the article, one should take note of these important reminders: • Know the proper paraphrasing rules Paraphrasing is one way of putting other sources’ idea into your own words. With this, one should rewrite the original idea using different words and sentence structure. However, this does not mean that simply changing the word of the original text qualify as a paraphrase. The idea of the original author should clearly be seen in the paraphrased text while using one’s own words. Moreover, despite the changes in the sentence, citation is still ...

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