What Is Paper Analysis Service

Although plagiarism detection embodies our core mission, we also offer additional services, which reflect our strivings to make every academic paper, every business press release, and every fiction or nonfiction publication authentic and well-polished.

As a student, after having completed yet another written assignment, you often think, “Will this fastidious professor rate my essay favorably?” Such thoughts evoke many doubts. Have you coped with the assignment effectively? Haven’t you missed something? Is your language high-flown instead of formal? Have you eradicated all grammar mistakes?

As a content writer, working for a specific company where new projects emerge at lightning speed, you may also need an analysis of a paper you have recently accomplished. Your boss is expecting an impeccable result, so you are being put under pressure all the time.

Despite your writing purposes, modern hectic schedules and the pace of incoming tasks may affect the quality of your works. Even if you usually produce brilliant content or A+ essays, it is always better to make assurance double sure!

One of the most frequent requests is “Can someone rate my application essay?” because undergraduate and post-graduate students are worried about their successful admission into various scholarship programs, domestic and international ones. No wonder such worries occur: those academic projects can be life-changing and no one wants to fail!

We offer professional paper analysis for start-up projects, short and extensive academic compositions, corporate press releases, book reviews, mass media articles, scholarly journals’ features, among many others.

Therefore, before cooperating with our editors and proofreaders, you can leave us a simple message, such as “I need an expert to rate my research paper”, and we will find a qualified specialist according to your needs.

Paper Analysis Service at PlagiarismSearch.com: Unchallenging Guidelines

If you decide to proofread your writing online, we suggest that you pay attention to the Paper Rater offered by PlagiarismSearch. Our team consists of skillful content writers and quick-thinking editors, who combine conventional approaches with modern attitude. We know what is trendy and what is old-fashioned when it comes to generating high-quality content. Imagine you will present your project to a large audience, so what are its key elements to grab the desired attention? We will give you a hint: good content must reflect relevance, viability, and novelty. Besides, it should encourage collaboration, prospective investigations, as well as offer solutions to burning issues. If you write articles, then your blog will gain a far wider readership owing to our help. We are devotedly focused on a thorough analysis of a paper produced by a student or the beginning expert in a specific field. The only thing you have to do is to place an order on our Rate My Paper page.

Even experienced professionals choose us because they often lack time to proofread their endless written material. Hence, we suggest that you learn about the integral steps, which should be taken to use our paper-analyzing service:

  • Register your personal account with PlagiarismSearch unless you do not have one.
  • Click on the “Paper Analysis” button located on the upper line of our homepage next to “Plagiarism Check” and “Spell Check” or visit the page https://plagiarismsearch.com/rate-my-paper.
  • Drag and drop or upload the required document into the Paper Rater box. It is possible to do it using OneDrive, DropBox, by URL, or attaching the file directly from your computer. It is important to make sure that you upload an acceptable text file, such as PDF, doc, docx, txt, RTF, xls, xlsx, html, epub, etc.
  • After the file is uploaded, you will see the number of pages and words detected. Also, you will have to determine the type of your paper manually. You can provide an additional description if necessary.
  • You will further see various pricing options below the Paper Analysis box. Each package differs due to dissimilar urgency and academic levels, from high school to PhD.
  • You can also add extra options of Plagiarism check, Readability score, and Score recommendations to your overall order.
  • The all-inclusive price will be calculated after you upload the whole document as well as choose the required deadline and academic level of your project.
  • If you agree to proceed with the payment, you should accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Click on “Check your Text” and pay for your paper analysis order.

Our experts will carry out a meticulous analysis and send you a well-polished work strictly according to the established deadline.

What is Going to Be Analyzed?

A prudent student may immerse in reflections, thinking, “If a professional does not rate my paper, then my professor will do it, and I will not have a tiny chance to improve my academic grade!” Perhaps, that is why we receive similar messages from versatile undergrads. It is enough for our Customer Care to see a new mail titled “I need to rate my writing” to know how to handle it. Indeed, you can address our communication managers directly to inquire into the availability of the specialists in your field.

When our experts delve into each unique paper analysis, they do their best to correct all your mistakes of grammar and context:

  • Content Modifications. Even if you do not choose our additional service Readability Score, our content analysts will include comments regarding the general comprehensibility of your written work. They will estimate the general quality of your paper along with its strengths and weaknesses, which directly influence the engagement rate of your readers.
  • Eradication of grammatical errors. All the grammar-related flaws will be highlighted and explained with the necessary adjustments and suggestions. Those corrections, which will be elucidated step by step, will serve as a valuable template for your future assignments. You will instantly memorize certain grammar mistakes, also paying more attention to more complicated flaws. Thus, it is advisable to keep the result of our previous analysis before your eyes.
  • Estimation of the topic’s relevance. Despite your involvement in the subject, your chosen topic may appear to be excessively sophisticated. If your purpose is not concentrated on appealing to some unconventional audience, then your extraordinary content searches may not be successful. We will estimate the relevance not only of your topic, but of the whole investigation you carried out.
  • Scrutiny of the Paper Structure. The structure of your composition will also be thoroughly scrutinized. Our specialists will arrange all your paragraphs in a coherent manner to avoid the detachment of the contextual parts.
  • Comments on the Chosen Writing Style. Our proofreaders will determine the validity of your writing style. If your project required formal language, you cannot use colloquialisms. If your oeuvre entails creative writing, it should not resemble an official document.

How to Correct My Paper Using the Expert’s Comments

You should not worry about the transparency of our cooperation when choosing Rate My Paper services. Even if you proofread your writing online, the instructions should not be dissimilar from the initial guidelines your professor or your supervisor provided.

The comments and corrections of our professional editors and proofreaders will help you not only to get rid of the mistakes related to grammar, spelling, and stylistics, as our aim is to encourage you to notice those errors on your own. You will learn the peculiarities of diverse writing styles and formats. After our scrupulous paper analysis, you will surely see the difference between introductory and closing sentences. We will teach you to be more eloquent, creative, and forward-thinking to produce the trendiest content in the future. You will finally understand what critical and analytical thinking means – only logical opinions will satiate your mind.

It is important to realize that your paper for analysis should be devoid of plagiarism, which is an unacceptable malpractice in any sphere (not only in the educational realm). The originality of your content is the initial aspect that is interrelated with your potential success. Thus, if you are not sure about the 100% authenticity of your written work, we recommend that you make use of our similarity checker before uploading the document for professional grading.

When asking your “inner advisor”, “Should I grade my paper online?”, go back to the primary stages of its creation and ponder on your research methods. Have you copied some sources deliberately? Even if yes, PlagiarismSearch offers you to find those coincidences beforehand and shed them once and for all.

Paper Analysis Service at PlagiarismSearch.com VS Free Online Paper Graders

There is a question that often pops up in the minds of our new clients, “Why should I rate my paper using fee-paying services?” Indeed, there are paper analysis websites, which offer seemingly analogous services for free. Unfortunately, the quality of such paper raters is compromised, as their examination is oversimplified. They will never offer you additional explanations. They will never handle complex business projects. In contrast, our advantages surpass any other paper analyzers you can find on the web.

The Benefits You Should Know About

  • A Variety of Projects. Our experts readily analyze academic works, being able to master both High School and PhD levels. Besides academic assignments, our pros evaluate miscellaneous business projects.
  • Quality Control Beyond Expectations. We never deliver an end result to our customers unless the text has gone through several proofreading stages. Grammar and punctuation check is guaranteed while the discernment of authenticity reflects the essence of our tool.
  • Experts with Impressive Portfolios. We do not hire amateurs. Only professional content creators, copywriters, editors, and proofreaders belong to our team. Some of them have a long-term teaching experience, which governs their excessive dedication to high writing quality.
  • Focused Customer Care. Since our agents work around the clock, you can send even your paper analysis inquiries via email or our live chat at any time. You can also call us via our hotline if you have urgent questions regarding the paper-rating services and other PlagiarismSearch features.
  • Flexible Prices and Discounts. Although professional services cannot be based on volunteering, we have a fantastic discount system, which becomes incredibly beneficial if you apply our promo codes. However, you have to be an attentive client, who follows our social media posts and notices promotional banners on our website. We regularly invent discounts to let everyone benefit from our services. In any case, our rates remain affordable. A secret tip: you can request a private discount code by simply emailing us – that is one of our attention tests.

After you read about our useful feature of the extensive paper analysis, do not let nightmares torment your sleep with words, “I forgot to rate my writing, so I will never get a decent grade!” Relax, you still have time to improve your written work with the help of our gifted editors!

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