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The terms and conditions (further ‘T&C’ or ‘Terms’) described below regulate your access and use of the Website and service “Analyze my Paper” (further ‘Service’) at PlagiarismSearch.com (further ‘Website’). Please review them and take them into consideration.

The Website is the property of PLAGIARISMSEARCH, LLC (“PLAGIARISMSEARCH”).

By using this Website, you agree to the terms and conditions described below and confirm that you have the full legal authority and are responsible for entering these Terms of Use. By using this website, you also agree to be legally bound by the Terms of Use.

1. Definitions

Website” refers to the overall number of web pages that constitute PlagiarismSearch.com, including its sub-domains, all of which are used for the delivery of Service.

Service” mean the written analysis of a provided paper, which include but are not limited to editing, and providing comments on the ways to correct mistakes in spelling, grammar, style, wording, etc.

Terms & Conditions”, “Terms”, or “T&C” also include Privacy Policy and Money-Back Guarantee.

We,” “Us” “Ours” all refer to PlagiarismSearch.com. The company is registered and regulated by the laws of Spain. Our address of registration is Calle Pintor Pérez Gil 2, b.46 03540, Alicante, Spain.

User”, “You”, or “Client” refer to an individual or a legal entity with an account on the Website, who accepted the Terms, as well as to anyone who registers or executes an order and uploads information or performs transactions using this Website.

Writer” means an individual bound by a contract as a freelancer, who agreed to perform analysis, edit content and deliver other types of services to the Client as regulated by the Agreement with us.

Account” is a personalized element of the Website with limited access. An Account is created after a User completes the registration procedure. Account is customized and linked to your Account name and password.

Order” refers to an online request for particular paid Service from the Client. Order describes the nature of work to be performed and specifies the Clients requirements to the Service. Order also refers to the filled out order form that was submitted electronically via our Website by the Client. Additionally, Order includes the finished work along with the requirements provided by the consumer.

Product” is the finished result of the work that was performed in accordance with the Order, which includes professional analysis of a paper, provided for the Client based on the details specified in the written inquiry issued in the form of a digital document.

Client`s information” denotes the file with the text information in any format that is compatible with our Website. Client’s information is created and Submitted by You and will be used as an example or for the reference. We reserve the right to define the most suitable size and format of the files that the Clients can transfer using our Website. The files may be uploaded by the Client using the Order form.

2. Registration and Order Placing

2.1. Please use valid email address when registering on the Website so that you could be reached in case of necessity. By providing invalid email address you violate these terms and Conditions.

2.2. Placing an Order on this Website presumes collection of fees.

2.3. Assigning a Writer. Once a writer with the specialization chosen by the Customer is assigned to the Order, the Customer may use the Website communication system to reach the Writer and discuss the Order with them. The responsibility to obtain all the details necessary for the job lies on the Writer.

2.4. Messaging System. A Client can access the communication system in their personal profile. Our customer support representatives use the message system to communicate with the Writer and the Client. Please regularly check the messages in the integrated communication system on the Website to enable prompt response to questions from the Writer and to share the additional instructions using the features of the messaging system. The messaging system is used for the purpose of confidentiality, so you are not allowed to disclose your name or other sensitive information and ask the Writer to contact you directly using your personal contact details.

2.5. Tracking the Order and monitoring the status. When a Client submits an Order, they, as well as the Writer, can use the tracking system to monitor the progress. The status is displayed in the percentage of work that has been completed already. The following are possible statuses of an Order:

In Progress” –Writer accepts the Order. After that, the Writer commences the work. The Writer completes the initial version of the work and submits it. Client can request a revision after reviewing the work.

Finished” – This status means that the Order is completed and available to download.

3. Order Payment

3.1. Use your Account to pay for the services at any time. After we receive the payment, the order will be assigned.

3.2. Client may request free revision within 48 hours after final deadline. If more than 48 hours passed after final deadline, client should compensate the revision accordingly.

3.3. Client may request refund within 14 days after final deadline. The refund is issued in 4-6 business days after the request was placed.

3.4. The Client is responsible for paying taxes, including the VAT and services, which may apply if provided by the corresponding jurisdiction.

3.5. Certain ad valorem or other types of taxes on our services may be applicable based on your location or place of residency. They will be included in your bill.

3.6. You confirm compliance with the obligations connected to income tax provisions as they apply in your jurisdiction.

4. Order Processing

4.1. Order volume. Every order a Client places has volume. The measure of volume is the number of pages. One page is equal to 300 words.

4.2. Changes of Order requirements. The Client may introduce changes to the Order details only on case the Writer has not starting working on the Order yet. Once the Writer has started working on the Order, the Client cannot make any changes in the Order requirements. If the Order should have bigger volume or requires higher complexity, or must be delivered earlier than was specified initially, the Client may be asked to cancel the Order and place another one with the new requirements.

4.3. Communication. We highly encourage the Client to make use of the messaging system and communicate with the Writer as well as with the support team.

4.4. Progress tracking. Clients may access order details, including the progress information, using their personal Account. The accurate information about the order and is status is displayed there. Additionally, the client may use the messaging system to reach the customer support service available 24/7 and receive updates about the order progress.

5. Order Delivery

5.1. We are responsible for timely delivery of the product in accordance with the deadline the Client indicated in the Order.

5.2. The Client bears personal responsibility for providing accurate delivery channels that will be used to submit the product to the Client. We are not responsible for incorrect email address or any email settings that prevent the delivery of messages from our company, such as spam filters or internet outages, as well as for the overall negligence of the Client and unwillingness to provide accurate communication channel details. The Client is welcome to contact the customer support should they require any assistance with the delivery of their product.

5.3. The Client is responsible for accessing the Website and downloading their Product on time.

6. Order Revision

6.1. The Client is entitled to returning the Product for revisions within 48 hours after final deadline free of charge. Paid revision option is available any time.

6.2. We reserve the right to decline customer’s numerous revision requests if the behavior of the Client clearly shows exploitation of the Writer or contains unjustified claims.

7. Refund Policy

We claim full responsibility for timely delivery of the Product according to the requirements the Client indicated in the Order. In case any of the Client’s requests were disregarded, the Client can request a partial or full refund within 14 days after the final deadline.

8. Products Use

8.1. By submitting the payment for the product, you confirm that it is designed for personal use for non-commercial purposes. The payment thus submitted confirms Your understanding of the amount of efforts and time that will have to be invested to conduct relevant analysis of the paper as outlined in the requirements specified in the Order as well of the accompanying maintenance and administration of the delivery of the product.

8.2. Clients are not allowed to reproduce or display the product online or in a hard copy in a way that crosses the boundaries of personal use.

9. Plagiarism

Your submission of the payment confirms that you acknowledge and agree to the following:

a. we reserve the right to terminate the agreement with a Client if he/she makes an attempt to pass the product as an original work they created. You also agree that You will not deliver the Product to any third parties, nor will You distribute it for Product for whatever purpose. You also realize that if there is a suspicion that You use the Product for plagiarism or in a way that contradicts the Terms and Agreement, we reserve the right to terminate our cooperation and the delivery of our services to You.

b. You are not allowed to put Your name on the Products. We deliver all products to You only for the purpose of reference and additional research. We do not facilitate or encourage plagiarism in any form and do not encourage our clients to participate in academic dishonesty or fraud of any kind. We adhere to the available copyright laws and we do not knowingly allow Clients to plagiarize. By cooperating with us, You agree that You will use any Product You bought on the website only as a sample work and model document to assist you in your learning process. All products are created solely for research purposes and are designed to help the Clients familiarize themselves with academic writing standards pertinent to the specific assignment. The Products serve as a helpful model and can be used for inspiration purposes ONLY and they should not be used as papers that reflect Your original thinking. The Client may use entire parts from the Product only if they cite them and properly paraphrase the pieces of writing. The acceptable use of source material is explained in Your university definition of plagiarism.

c. The company or its affiliates or partners cannot be liable for unethical, illegal, or wrongful usage of the Product and any other kind of written material that the Client obtained via our website. This applies to such activities as plagiarizing, receiving low grades, lawsuits, academic probation or expulsion form school, loss of scholarship or any other kind of financial support such as awards, prizes, or grant as well as losing position, facing failure or being involves in a disciplinary action. The sole responsibility for improper and/or unethical behavior or illegal use of the product lies on the Purchasers of the Product and Clients of the Website.

10. Security and Use of Personal Data and Payment Details

Refer to privacy policy on the Website to learn how we collect, process, and store personal data of clients.

11. Account information and security

11.1. While registering on the Website, you will be requested to include your email and choose a password.

11.2. You confirm that You will not reveal your Account details to the third parties and will not share your password with anyone.

11.3. The activities associated with Your personal Account are Your responsibility. Should You suspect that Your password has become known to someone else, go to Your Profile settings and set a new password by choosing ‘Change email or password.’

11.4. In cases when You forget Your password, reset it Yourself using the option available in your account. You should pass our security check to be able to do that.

12. How to Use the Website; Termination and Suspension of Use

12.1. Use the Website only for personal and non-commercial purposes.

12.2. You are not allowed to use any section of the Website for illegal actions. Namely, the use of the Website for the purposes listed below is forbidden.

12.2.1. spread of illegal, abusive, harassing, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or offensive material that contradicts the laws;

12.2.2. disseminating data that is categorized as criminal offense or violates any applicable laws or regulations;

12.2.3. preventing others from using the Website; or

12.2.4. creating, spreading, or storing copyright materials retrieved from the Website without the owner’s permission.

12.3. In case You breach any of the aforementioned Terms, You will be held responsible for losses caused by the breach.

12.4. If You breach any of these terms, we may terminate Your use of the Website.

12.5. If there is a reasonable suspicion of your unlawful use of the Website that may have a negative effect on other Client(s), Your access to the website may be suspended for the period of investigation.

12.6. Any attempt to contact the Writer by means that are not allowed by these Terms is regarded as violation of the Terms.

13. Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”)

13.1. IPRs that refer to the Products

13.1.1. The Products that you receive have been created by our Writers.

13.1.2. We and our affiliate partners retain the full copyright in any products and materials on the Website.

13.1.3. For Products subject to payment, You receive non-exclusive license for personal and non-commercial usage of the Products You have purchased.

13.1.4. You agree that you will not distribute, share, change, display or modify the Products and/or other content retrieved from this Website without receiving the written consent.

13.1.5. If we incur losses as a result of any unauthorized use of the Product by You, You will be responsible.

13.2 IPRs in materials and information that we receive from You

You must make sure that the material You publish on our Website, namely those that You share for reference or as source materials, do not violate the intellectual property rights or any other rights of a person. The materials should not break the applicable laws. In case they do, the responsibility for any losses incurred lies on You.

13.3 IPRs on the Website

13.3.1. We own all IPRs related to the Website and all its sections.

13.3.2. IPRs on the Website and any of its part are not transferred to the Website users.

13.3.3. Except for the cases described by these Terms or agreed upon with us, you are not allowed to copy, share, or download any information published on the Website.

14. Disclaimer and Limitation of liability

14.1. We provide the Website as it is and do not guarantee that this Website will meet Your expectations or will follow Your requirements. You may not be able to access the Website or use some of its options if Your device does not support the required technology, including encryption.

14.2. The World Wide Web, which is used to access the Website, is independent of us. The use of the internet by You is Your responsibility and is subject to the laws applicable in Your area.

14.3. The Website may use hyperlinks to external sources, which may have their own terms of use and privacy policies. You are expected to review them. We do not bear responsibility for the external sources that You use and You access the content at Your risk. We recommend checking the policies of those websites before You share Your information with them.

14.4. Under no circumstances are we liable for the damage that may arise as a result of modifications made to the Website.

14.5. We are not liable to You or any other person for consequences arising from the use of Product and Services, including:

  • Computer, phone, hard- or software malfunctions of any kind;

  • Incomplete, corrupted, or delayed transmission of information via phone or email;

  • Conditions arising as a result of events over which the company has no control and that can cause any damage to the Service or Product;

  • Injuries or damages that may result from the use of the Product or Services;

  • Printing or typographical mistakes in the Product.

14.6. We are not liable for Your or any other person’s use of the Website or inability to use it. We are not liable for: events that are beyond our reasonable control or any unforeseeable damages or losses.

14.7. These terms are not intended to reject liability for personal injury or death caused by negligence, fraudulent activity, or other liability that is within the limits of laws or is intended to infringe on Your statutory rights as a Client.

15. Miscellaneous

15.1. Your rights as stated by these Terms may not be transferred to other users. We preserve the authority to transfer our rights described by these Terms if we have reason to believe that this will not affect your rights.

15.2. In cases when You violate these Terms and we choose not to take action, we still may use these rights at later stages or in other situations when You violate the Terms.

16. Notices

16.1. You are requested to issue all Your notices in writing to our support team representatives unless these Terms state otherwise.

16.2. All notices we send to You will:

  • occasionally appear on the Website;

  • appear on Your personal order page; or

  • be sent to You via email specified in Your Account.

17. Governing law and jurisdiction

17.1. These Terms are governed by laws of Spain.

17.2. The disputes connected to these Terms will be resolved by negotiations between the involved parties. In cases when the involved parties cannot reach consent, the disputes will be settled under the arbitration of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Rules of which are supposed to be incorporated by reference in this clause.

17.3. Both You and us agree to enter in disputes and bring them in arbitration solely on personal basis as opposed to collective or representative basis on behalf of other individuals. No dispute can be brought, arbitrated or heard as a collective, class, representative, or private attorney general action or as a participant in any such collective, class, representative, or private attorney general proceeding.

18. Amendments

18.1. We retain the absolute right to (i) introduce changes to the information, features, and specification on the Website or Services; (ii) temporarily or permanently suspend or discontinue some or all Services or any section of the Website and features available on it; (iii) limit certain Services or separate features or grant restricted access to certain sections of the Website. Each of these cases may take place without prior notice and does not entail any liability to You or third parties. We will take economically reasonable actions to inform you of any far-reaching transformations related to our Services that might have an impact on the usability of the Website.

18.2. We may occasionally revise the Terms available herein. In case of revision or updates, You will be notified by email. We will also post the most recent version on the Website in a manner we deem commercially reasonable. By using the Website following such updates, You agree to comply with the updated or revised Terms. Alternatively, we may ask You to provide explicit consent. It is Your responsibility to check the updated terms and to review them occasionally.

19. Additional Terms and Conditions; EULAs

When You make a purchase on our website with the help of 2checkout.com services delivered by 2checkout.com (further referred to as "2checkout services provider"), the responsibility for the purchase is first transferred to 2checkout services provider and delivered to You only after that. With our assistance, 2checkout services provider takes primary responsibility for payment and customer support services related to it. Separate agreements that are not subject to the Terms on this website govern the terms between the 2checkout services provider and customers.

Customers, who use 2checkout services for purchases on the Website, should note that (i) 2checkout services provider’s privacy policy is applicable to all payments and has to be reviewed prior to submitting all payments and (ii) the refund policy of 2checkout services provider applies to all payment unless otherwise specified by a prior notice. Apart from that, shoppers may be requested to agree to additional End-User License Agreements (or "EULAs") that may provide terms put forward by the supplier f the product instead of the provider of the services. By agreeing to any EULA, You confirm that you are bound by it.

We and other product sellers that use our website and 2checkout services bear primary responsibility for warranty, maintenance, and technical support. Similarly, We and other product sellers assume liability for completion of orders and EULAs the end users or customers enter into. The primary responsibility of 2checkout services provider is to facilitate your payment.

Any fees and costs connected with purchase and delivery of the Products and services arising from charges that Your payment service provider may impose as well the taxes and duties applied by a regulatory body in your location are Your responsibility.

For inquiries, customer service, or disputes, please contact us by email at support@plagiarismsearch.com or services@plagiarismsearch.com.

For 2checkout services related questions address support@2checkout.com

We will cooperate with You or users selling their services via our website to resolve disputes arising as a result of purchase whenever this is possible.

20. Contact details

For more information about the Website, please contact us by phone, email or chat. You can access the contact details from the personal order page or in the Contact Us page on the Website.

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