PlagiarismSearch Privacy and Data Security Guarantees

Nowadays, demanding customers look for products which can not only enable them to get access to the required information or services but also ensure that they feel confident that the company keeps all the personal details secure and treats data privacy with respect. The aim of our client is to check the plagiarism and feel safe that there will be no data disclosure. It is natural that the privacy of information is a major concern for all the customers of They use a plagiarism checker for their unique texts and they need to be sure that neither their sensitive financial or personal information is shared with any parties nor the content of the writing gets to someone’s access.

PlagiarismSearch Trust Guidelines

We earn by making money on plagiarism checker customer packages, not on selling our customers’ data.

All the principles of PlagiarismSearch design are aimed at ensuring data privacy:

All the principles of PlagiarismSearch design are aimed at ensuring data privacy:

  1. PlagiarismSearch deals only with the selected parts of the text. It cannot get access to everything you type.
  2. PlagiarismSearch gets no access to read-only areas and fields of sensitive information. 
  3. All the personal details related to your customer’s account are visible for you.
  4. Access to the user data is under our 100 % control.
  5. The ownership rights to your texts are exclusive and belong only to you.
  6. Our work adheres to all the governmental regulations in terms of privacy and data security.

Information security is our priority:

  1. The entire culture of the PlagiarismSearch is based on the principle of dominant security.
  2. We evaluate all related third parties regularly to have consistent knowledge about them and not to allow any disclosures.
  3. We ensure encryption of all your data.
  4. You check plagiarism online being sure that our security control is validated by the company enterprise-grade compliance.
  5. No unauthorized access to your data is allowed.
  6. PlagiarismSearch cloud architecture is secure and transparent.

How PlagiarismSearch Protects Your Privacy

At PlagiarismSearch, we are committed to caring about all your data and its protection. Offering a free and a paid version of our services, we never make profit by violations of our information security policy. Interacting with our software and services, you share your data and payment details with us to let us identify you and fulfill your transactions, but you can easily remove our access to your account any time you believe it is necessary.

Overview of the most essential points of PlagiarismSearch Privacy Policy

  • We never sell any of your details or information.
  • We never expose our clients to the advertisements from other companies.
  • We make money only by selling the paid versions of our services. In case you do not need the upgraded level of services, you can check the plagiarism for free.
  • We have a limited number of third parties involved in the provision of our services. Each of them is entirely secure and trusted.
  • We use cookies only to ensure better suitability and protection of our products.
  • Your CCPA and GDPR rights are secure.
  • We are open to communication and we will answer all your questions about the Privacy Policy of PlagiarismSearch.

Private Data We Use and Collect

We collect some of our customers’ personal data to ensure their identification and we store it in a manner that makes that data non-personal.
Which information do you share with us, creating your PlagiarismSearch account?
You voluntarily provide the following data, signing up for the services of our company:
  • Your email address, username, contact details, and preferences in using a certain language. We always ask for your permission to get access to the core details of your Google and Facebook accounts if you log into PlagiarismSearch with corresponding credentials.
  • Your payment details. Paying for the services, you need to complete financial transactions. Please note that paying for your orders via PayPal, you give your credit card number not to our company, but to PayPal.


Which other details do we collect?

  • User Content (documents and texts provided to use a plagiarism checker).
  • Names of user contacts.

Which information is collected automatically?

Logging into our system, you automatically share the following log data:

  • details about your location
  • log data (type of your browser, IP address, configuration and settings of the browser, time of using the services, preferences in using a language, cookie data)
  • usage details for optimization of the website
  • data about your device
  • data from the cookies.

Which information do we get from other sources?

PlagiarismSearch may obtain some details from the researchers, marketing partners, and other third parties, which is done in strict adherence with the legal regulations.

Your Data Is Safe With PlagiarismSearch

All the details submitted to PlagiarismSearch are processed and stored in the USA. Storage of the user content is done locally with the synchronization with our company servers. Transferring any information with our company services, you give your consent to our use of your user content and personal data with its hosting and access in the USA only under the privacy laws applicable in this country.

Is My Information Secure with PlagiarismSearch?

We have 100 % responsibility for the protection of your data and we take all the precautions to ensure its security. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of all transmissions of internet data and we emphasize that you take your own risk for all wireless or wired connections. All your data is encrypted according to the strictest standards of the industry. We use a combination of physical, technical, and logical security means with local storage of information in our software. We recommend you to secure all your devices with appropriate steps taken. We will notify you about all security breaches, if any, by posting notices on the website or through your provided email addresses to inform you about the steps taken to ensure further data protection.

How Can I Delete My Personal Data from PlagiarismSearch?

Logging into your account, you can view all the details and operate the services using the Settings page. However, for security reasons, you can remove your account only by contacting the support team of PlagiarismSearch.

How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Data?

After you have your account deleted, we may keep some of the personal data only for the reasons related to fraud prevention and detection, legal and tax reporting, our legitimate company interests, and obligations in terms of auditing.

P.S. We do not add any of your texts to online databases so they will never appear anywhere on the web. None of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, or any others) can scan the pages of your plagiarism reports, so your rights for your texts are exclusive. All our servers located in the United States ensure the utmost safety of all your provided details. We provide 100% transparency of the information and its security to all our customers as we value their trust.

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