What is Storage Checking? Get Advantages from a User Private Database

One of the typical requirements from our customers, both corporate and educational ones, is to detect similarities in specific texts merely against the databases of their own. That is where a plagiarism database feature known as Storage comes into play. You can use our high-end plagiarism checker to scan your new texts against what has been written before to check the plagiarism of unintentional nature.

What is Personal Storage?

By uploading the archives into the Storage system, you create an individual storage which will help you get a database to check for plagiarism only against your own texts: it helps to avoid self-plagiarism. It is easy to use this feature: all you need to do is to tick the option Personal Storage of the plagiarism database checker. You can check plagiarism online or you can compare your new writing against the works completed before. Having purchased a corporate package, you will even get a repository for the students’ works with a solid guarantee of customer privacy. Every time you proceed with checking against your plagiarism database, you obtain a plagiarism report with all the details indicated.

How does It Work?

Our customers can make use of a convenient and reliable plagiarism checker with a solid individual database to check for plagiarism. They can potentially detect all cases of self-plagiarism using the created storage for plagiarism check, as our system can be integrated with either their own or their school’s LMS. Thus, they check the plagiarism against their personal databases with the already written papers and those already scanned against them. Using our tool, you can also upload your archives via our API and prevent issues with plagiarism, checking the text both against the Internet resources and a personal plagiarism database, or choosing either of the options separately.

Accessing Personal Storage

You can check plagiarism online and access the storage only if you have got a yearly or monthly submission package. No matter which subscription plan you choose, you will get lifetime access to 100 MB of space to use. A yearly or monthly VIP Service Package will enable you to get a personal plagiarism database storage with 100 MB of space at no extra charge. It is a great option of plagiarism check for the clients with high expectations and discipline of excellence.

Storage Options for Individual Customers

Our individual customers can check plagiarism online and use their own plagiarism database with an automatically assigned area for reports and messages. The system keeps the saved reports for a 30-day period, but the time frame becomes longer for the customers with VIP packages. You can be sure that every plagiarism database is secure. All the files of our customers as well as all corresponding reports generated after they check the plagiarism are never disclosed. You will get a plagiarism report to each uploaded text and you will find it in your storage.

Storage Options for Universities and Business Owners

It will cost you nothing at all to get access to Storage needed to check text for plagiarism. By default, you will get 100 MB of space if you use our API. It may seem to be insufficient to enjoy all the benefits of plagiarism check for businesses and educational establishments, which scan various written projects systematically. However, you should note that we save the data in the text form, not accumulating large files. It means that the size of the saved text is 100 times less than the size of the file itself. Most of our clients find the storage capacity of 100 MB sufficient for their purposes. Still, to be on the safe side, you can pay for the extra storage space:

  • Your lifetime access to storage + 100 MB will cost you $ 2,95.
  • Your lifetime access to storage + 250 MB will cost you $ 5,95.
  • Your lifetime access to storage + 500 MB will cost you $ 8,95.

Upload all your archives with the customized API integrated into the required LMS and check text for plagiarism against the texts from your individual storage. It is possible to make use of Google Docs or FTP servers to upload all databases of your company or university.

Data Storing and Security

You can be 100% sure about reliable data protection because we keep all customers’ files and personal details strictly confidential. Every personal plagiarism database contains the generated reports, which the customer can access only from a personal account. It is a secure system that makes it possible to check plagiarism online and use personal databases without any risk of data dissemination. Moreover, the holders of VIP packages will find it convenient and easy to search for a specific file or report, as the system creates individual folders with month-to-month sorting particularly for VIP clients.

Other Advantages of Having Private Storage Space at PlagiarismSearch.com

We aim at the precision and correctness of detecting plagiarism at PlagiarismSearch.com, but you can also contribute to improving the accuracy of your personalized plagiarism database checker. Make sure that you have chosen the right options in the process of setting up your search.

We recommend you to tick the following options, if applicable:

  • Search on my storage / search on the web;
  • Exclude in-text citations;
  • Exclude references;
  • Only Latin characters (students may cheat via inserting Cyrillic letters).

You can make your thorough checking for coincidences even more effective if you heed our tips and recommendations:

  1. Do not tick the option of scanning texts against your personal storage if that is not of your immediate interest.
  2. Check whether the quotes in your text are formatted properly, as incorrectly outlined in-text citations will be presented as plagiarism in a plagiarism report.


PlagiarismSearch.com is a perfect tool for individual customers, universities, colleges, schools, and business owners. An exclusive chargeless feature of 100 MB Storage makes it in-demand among the service customers. It is needed to check new texts both against the available data in web resources and unique private databases. You can merely upload the archives of the composed content via API and avoid any chance of plagiarism in your texts with our help.