What is Systematic Plagiarism?
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What is Systematic Plagiarism?

Plagiarism has become widespread because there are more temptations now, with all the ready-made and readily available information just lying around in the Internet.
There are different kinds of plagiarism, one of which is systematic plagiarism. Systematic plagiarism is the type which is intentionally and all-knowingly committed. This is so much unlike the accidental plagiarism which is not knowingly done by a person.

Systematic plagiarism has plagued the gates of the learning institutions because this is usually resorted to by students time and time again for the papers that they were told to make. Even the newspapers have cases wherein they have fallen victim to this type of plagiarism. There were writers who had used this to get through with their jobs, which should be avoided because journalists are supposed to be one of the streams of truth.

Plagiarism is not good. It mainly involves the usage of somebody else’s work without giving them the credit of being the first ones to come up with the idea. There are obvious plagiarisms and there are others which are committed subtly. Once a writer or any person becomes tainted with the mistake of committing plagiarism, every literary work and other work that he may come up with might also be tainted with the thought of being plagiarized. Thus, he will lose his credibility. This type of cheating is said to allow laziness take over you and your performances. If this temptation would come after you and you entertained it, this might become one of your habits and you may already be unnoticeably commit systematic plagiarism.

However, since someone is not guilty until proven otherwise, those who were caught of plagiarising might be forgiven as yet and might be given the chance to redeem himself by proving that plagiarism will not find its way again to his other works. If once again, the plagiarist would be caught doing the same act, he would be called a systematic plagiarist. For a professional, credibility would surely suffer.

There are very wise plagiarists who can hide the fact that they have committed plagiarism. This might only be discovered way long after the work was passed as that of the plagiarist. By then, he might have already enjoyed the fame of taking credit after other people’s works. In the newspaper industry, both the whole editorial staff and the writer would suffer from this act. This might forever wipe away the face of dignity and credibility that any newspaper should have as goodwill.

In an effort to stop plagiarism, schools, newspapers, and other institutions have tight rules about plagiarism. The usual convention is to give several warnings before the plagiarist will be punished, like expelling him from school or firing him from work.

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