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What Can Kill Your Blog

What Can Kill Your Blog

A blog is something that is very easy to start; one doesn’t need much resources to do that. In terms of time it takes no more than an hour to create a blog and understand what you should do to post articles there. However, if you check recent statistics you will find out that many blogs are deserted within the first month after they have been started. People very quickly lose interest in blogging after they find their attempts to become popular unsuccessful. The reason for that may be you. It may sound weird but the truth of the matter is that people kill they own blogs by failing to follow some basic blogging rules. So if you are among those who either have a blog already or plan to have one, you should know some basic rules for how not to kill your own blog. However, if you don’t really care about the rules for blogging then you can just keep killing your blog. There is no doubt you will eventually succeed.

Killing Your Own Blog is Easy!

  1. Keep copy-pasting from other blogs. It is quite an easy method to find some content for a blog. Just look what other people are writing about and copy-paste their text and now you have your new blog entry, right? Oh yeah, and no need to bother yourself with any kind of links to the main source of the text. Why waste time on doing such things if you can spend it on plagiarizing another article.
  2. Think about yourself. Who cares about the target audience? All you should be thinking about is what you like. It is your blog after all. Trying to figure out what your potential readers would like to see on your blog takes too much time and efforts. So just don’t bother yourself with things like that. Just write whatever you want and don’t try to adjust to your readers.
  3. Forget about the visuals. Looking for pictures or videos to illustrate your point is too boring. Besides, you have already said what you wanted to say in the text so smart people should understand it without any visual aids. Those who believe that infographics, videos, photos are going to make the blog more engaging for readers simply don’t understand the importance of a well-written text.
  4. Who needs structure, formatting, etc.? Most rules for blogging are all about making a blog attractive for its readers. But how in the world proper structure and formatting can make it more attractive? Those who come and read blog articles are interested in the content, not how it looks like. Bothering to structure the text, ensuring its proper formatting, punctuation, grammar will suck so much time out of you that you wouldn’t want to do it any other time. It is easier just to write the text as it is convenient for you.
  5. Ignore SEO tips. They say that in order for your blog to appear in the top of search engine rankings you have to incorporate some SEO strategy into your blogging plans. People claim that rewriting services at plagiarismsearch.com for example will make a difference for your blog. But you should know better. It your blog after all and you are the one deciding what works best for you. So you can just keep ignoring the SEO tips and continue blogging as you used to do before.

If you want to have your blog deserted shortly, you can just follow the rules provided above. Just by following these 5 things you can pretty quickly ruin the reputation of your blog and make sure very few people will ever return to read it.

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