The New Era on Plagiarism
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The New Era on Plagiarism

During the old times before internet was invented plagiarism was already widespread. But potential plagiarists are more focused then, because they need to do researches to a limited resource in the library and dedicatedly copy them by hand. During those times cheating through that way has a very high risk of being discovered.

Now through the internet, plagiarists are able to do their researches in a wide variety of links and websites. Without much time and dedication they can copy and paste different information and put them altogether to create an entire term paper or essay. Because they copy the information from different links and websites which was done by other students, it would be difficult for anyone to really identify plagiarism.

Searching the internet for matches of essays or term papers, to prove plagiarism by an instructor can be a formidable task. Search engines are very useful but they are also limited, because some links or websites are password-protected in the plagiaristТs favor. It would be difficult for a suspecting instructor to prove plagiarism.

It may be hard to accept but the fact is plagiarism has become a booming industry. Would-be plagiarists have so many resources to use such as Уcheat sitesФ that are being created for the purpose of providing students with the easy task of copy paste and downloading term papers and even home works. These sites and links have become profitable ventures, and even have their own paid advertisement.

A plagiarism prevention system is what we need. If you are an instructor or an educator would you want your students to become plagiarists and accept term papers and home works that were made out of plagiarism. An automated plagiarism detection can be an effective way to check and determine the paper works being submitted to you. It would be easier for you to detect which of the paper works are made out of plagiarism and the ones which were made out of hard work and real researches done by the students.
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