How to Write an Argumentative Essay in the Right Way
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How to Write an Argumentative Essay in the Right Way

How to Write an Argumentative Essay in the Right Way

At first sight, writing an argumentative essay is not complicated at all. You just need to express your opinion about a certain issue and explain why you take a particular position and not the opposing one. Nevertheless, in order to produce a quality work, you need to present strong arguments concerning each of the discussed points. Thus, you will be able to arrive at a logical conclusion. Below, there are clear directions on how to write an argumentative essay properly:

Useful Argumentative Essay Writing Guidelines

Choose a Great Topic

If you want to create an impressive argumentative essay, select an interesting topic. However, you should not forget that your topic should be debatable, i.e. there should not be an obvious solution to the problem.
Choose the topic presenting two possible points of the issue. Make sure you will be able to find enough data about each of the sides of the discussed issue. Furthermore, your topic should be narrow. For instance, it is not worth producing an argumentative essay on the World War, as this subject is too broad. Therefore, it is necessary to make it more specific, e.g., “Reasons for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Examples of Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Literature: The hero of a novel is self-conscious. The author creates an overall picture of the society. This book is a good example of a specific literary style.
  • History: Country The US had difficult diplomatic relations with country Russia.
    Social issues: Death penalty infringes human rights. Legalizing marijuana.
    Health: Hugs make people happier. Art as an effective way of reducing nervous tension. Younger women have healthier children.

Analyze Both Aspects of the Matter and Take a Certain Point of View

Once the topic is picked, you need to examine both facets of the analyzed issue and list the pros and cons of each side. Start with the opposing point. Thus, it will be easier for you to put forward sound arguments in support of your position.

Consider the following example: Receiving drivers’ education is compulsory.


  • Driving courses are usually on Saturday mornings;
  • Many students are busy at this period of time;
  • Attending courses should not be mandatory.


  • When receiving good driver’s education, people will have an opportunity to train more before getting a driving license.
  • If driver’s education is compulsory, people will need to attend classes for about two months. Thus, they will learn a lot about safe driving.
  • Students who have decided to receive driver’s education are rarely involved in accidents.

Gather Data about Each Point of the Issue

After selecting the topic, you need to collect relevant information about the matter you are going to discuss. It does not mean using only Internet search engines. Remember it is essential to refer to reliable sources of information. Only in this case, you will be able to write a solid argumentative essay. Therefore, look through the research works of popular scholars, journals, and books to amass accurate data about the issue.

Start Creating Your Paper

After conducting research, you may begin producing your essay. When the body is completed, you should sum up the arguments and clearly state your position.

Creating a Clear Argumentative Essay Outline

  • The introductory section should provide basic information about the subject. It should also present a thesis statement describing the way you are going to analyze the matter.
  • The paper body should present hard facts about the viewpoint opposing to yours. Then, you need to express your opinion about the issue and support it with compelling arguments.
  • The concluding section should summarize the points discussed in a paper. Moreover, it should persuade readers that you take the right position.

Superb Argumentative Essay Examples

A large number of evangelists are convinced that the Earth is only 5,000 years. Furthermore, they consider the research findings obtained by Charles Darwin invalid. They back up their position by presenting arguments taken from the Bible. That is why many public schools in different states of the USA emphasize that evolution is just a theory that cannot be 100% proved. Nonetheless, a mass of scientific evidence point to the correctness of Charles Darwin’s theories.

The phenomenon of latch-key children is actively investigated by psychologists and sociologists. Such a phenomenon means that none of the parents look after their children when they come home from school. Some people state this is the very reason for the increased number of crimes, drug use, and violent activity among teenagers. Nevertheless, children have behaved violently in different times irrespective of their parental care. It is worth admitting that teenagers’ criminal behavior depends on parents’ attitude towards their children rather than on their presence at home in the afternoon.

Follow these helpful tips and you will understand how to start an argumentative essay properly. You will not encounter any difficulties with creating a superior work.

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