Common Content Mistakes that Destroy the Entire Strategy
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Common Content Mistakes that Destroy the Entire Strategy

Common Content Mistakes that Destroy the Entire Strategy

You are building your content strategy now and you have already started questioning every step you are making. What is your biggest fear? You are not sure that you can avoid making mistakes which might have serious consequences for your business. You have slowed down and these doubts are ruining your ambitions. You know that you cannot go forward without making new attempts, but at the same time they humble you so much that you often just hold on instead of taking action. Get wiser learning from the mistakes of others and do not repeat unreasonable actions which you could avoid.

We would like to help you and warn you against making the most common mistakes in marketing that can cripple your strategy and prevent you from getting the desired outputs.

Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes: Life Lessons

  1. Poor understanding of the audience

Have you studied the demographics of your audience? Do you know what they want and how you can reach them? You cannot afford mistakes in this as your knowledge can be of great value in the long run. It is easy to compensate for the gaps here and this little effort can help you increase the content potential to the maximum.

Ask the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are they looking for? What can you give them?
  • Which values can this audience bring to your business?

For example, an article for some executives will contain fewer details than content prepared for technical experts.

  1. Inconsistencies in setting goals

If you have started creating your content before you have clearly determined why you need it, it will lead you to nowhere. Set very clear objectives and goals and your articles will attract the wrong audience with the wrong needs. In that case, people will visit your website and it will gain more and more popularity, but it will not generate any profit for you. So, you have to remember that your goal is not the website traffic but the gains you have.

  1. Creating content which cannot be reused

You have to invest a lot of resources and time to create a piece of effective content. If you do that and get a one-time return, it is not enough for your success. It is much better if you can maximize your return by using the created content several times, for example you can make not only an article for your post, but also a video and infographic with visual effects.

  1. Insufficient promotion of content

You have published the blog article, but that is not the end of the process. Content marketing actually starts after you try to make an impact introducing this content to your target audience again and again. Content promotion via the channels of blogs, social media, and email should take even more effort than creating. If planning of this promotion campaign is done not carefully, the strategy cannot be effective enough. The rewards will be given only to those who plan everything.

  1. Aiming at too much content instead of quality

There can be no compromises in creating quality content. You can get dozens of articles on a variety of topics, but they will result in waste of your effort and time, but not in overwhelming success of your business.

We recommend developing a quarterly or yearly calendar for creating content. Thus, you can plan to get one post every two weeks, for example. If you do that more often, you will get the articles overlap each other and you will lose your customers instead of getting new ones. Quantity is less important than quality – you should stick to this rule without exceptions.

  1. Changing content too often

Experienced marketers know that there are frequent changes in the search algorithms of Google; thus, it is a matter of crucial importance to get good ranking and be at the top. However, if you introduce new pieces of content too often, your ranking on Google gets lower instead of improving.

  1. Improper analysis of performance

One of the biggest mistakes business can make is that they take time to create content and promote it and then they fail to review how effective their efforts are. Their performance requires careful analysis because you may need to take some further steps on the basis of the conclusions made:

  • if the performance is brilliant, some specific efforts have to be doubled;
  • if the performance is poor, some efforts can be cut and other initiatives should be the focus of the business strategy.

It is enough to review the strategy of content marketing at least four times a year. A marketing team should plan this and try to get the answers to the following questions:

  • How can the performance during the last quarter be compared to that of the previous three months? This analysis should be made in terms of leads, traffic, sales, and your profit.
  • Which of the marketing channels are the most effective in terms of leads, traffic, sales, and profit? This analysis is also done on the basis of the results gained during the last three months.
  • Which kinds of blogs and other content brought you the maximum sales, leads, shares, and profit?

For sure, without investing in the content marketing strategy it is impossible to make successful business. Still, it is common for companies to get the right direction in their SEO. Some of them simply disregard it and thus they cannot reach the goals they set. You have understood that content can not only promote your brand, but seriously damage it as well. Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and work towards the set goals! Now you are equipped with the knowledge of the typical mistakes made in the area of content marketing.

Making mistakes in this sphere cost huge amounts of money to businesses; so, it is easier to avoid them and maximize the outputs owing to the efforts taken in the right manner and oriented in the right direction. Dive in and see real results from your continuous efforts!

Kelsey Ayton
Born in Warsaw. Studied Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities; took part in several inspiring Erasmus programs.
Former Practical Psychologist| Blogger of Various Mass Media | Currently PlagiarismSearch content writer | Mother-Freelancer
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