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PlagiarismSearch is a team of innovation enthusiasts who acknowledge the value of authenticity and integrity

Our mission

Mission to make the world a better place, where words and ideas are appreciated and given credits to. Our goal lies in educating the wide public about plagiarism and its prevention.

Therefore, we compiled a great stack of tips both for students and professors regarding plagiarism.

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Free Registration

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Easy-to-use checker

Easy-to-use checker

Our checker is fairly easy to use. Just copy and paste your text and press "check your text" button
Moodle Plugin

Moodle Plugin

Offering plagiarism detection services for universities embedded in LSM. We currently work with Moodle, but plan on integrating for other LMSs as well.

Safe detection

During the scanning process, your text will not be added to any online database. Search engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing, etc. cannot scan plagiarism report pages so your text will not appear on the Internet.

Efficient algorithms

Our multi-layer algorithm system allows scanning your paper through billions of webpages and huge offline documents database. Our plagiarism search engine provides homoglyphs detection and sentence structure checking, thus ensuring the perfect quality of the service.

All text formats acceptance

Check your documents in all available formats (doc, docx, txt, RTF, PDF, xls, xlsx, html, epub, xml, odt, org etc.).

Convenient reports

You have an opportunity to store or delete your reports at your profile page. You can download reports in PDF and print them out.

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Feel free to contact our support team at any time and enjoy instant assistance.

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We provide high-quality services at affordable prices.

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