Add new report (Submit the document to check)

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Parameter Type Description Optional Default
text string Text for check.
file string Or upload file for check. True
url string Or download public URL for check. True
title string Report title. True
remote_id string Local document id. True
filter_chars integer Only latin characters. True 0
filter_references integer Exclude references. True 0
filter_quotes integer Exclude in-text citations. True 0
callback_url string POST request will be sent directly to URL after checking the report. True
search_web integer Search in the web. True 1
search_storage (search_files_api) integer Search in storage. True
search_storage_filter (search_files_api_filter) array Filter for search in storage.
Acceptable keys are:
  • `group_id` or `group_ids` or `course_id` or `course_ids`: Integer or numeric array.
    Exclude documents with `group_id` ids.
  • `file_id` or `file_ids`: Integer or numeric array.
    Exclude documents with `file_id` ids.
  • `user_id` or `user_ids`: Integer or numeric array.
    Exclude documents with `user_id` ids.
    'search_storage_filter' => [
        'group_id' => 1,
        'file_id' => [1,2,3],
        'user_id' => 4,
search_storage_user_group (search_file_api_user_group) array Array of 2 elements (User id and group (course) id.
Filter for search in storage. Exclude all user documents with group ids
    'search_storage_user_group' => [11, 22], // exclude files user 11 and group 22 from storage search
search_storage_proximity float Storage search sensibility rate [0...1]
search_storage_sensibility_percentage float Minimal % sensitive to plagiarism check within storage sources [0...100] True 40
search_storage_sensibility_words int Minimal word number sensitive to plagiarism check within storage sources [3...15] True
storage (add_files_api) integer Add report text to storage.
Default is 1 if `search_storage` is enabled
True 1
storage_group_id (storage_course_id) integer Link local group id (course id) to storage document. True
storage_user_id integer Link local user id to storage document. True
storage_file_id integer Link local file id to storage document. True
search_web_disable_urls array If you add the chosen URLs to the Whitelist, then the excluded web pages will not be scanned for plagiarism. Therefore, even if there are contextual or formatting coincidences on some domains and web pages, applying this feature eradicates the ability to discern plagiarism in the mentioned content. Hence, when the option “Whitelist URLs” is activated, all similarities found on the URLs will be ignored. True Array
search_web_exclude_urls array If you choose to exclude certain URLs automatically, the tool will still search for plagiarized parts, but it will not influence the general percentage of plagiarism in your report. This feature allows you to add lists of domains and specific web pages that will be checked for plagiarism. The detector will search for coincidences all over the web. However, if plagiarism is revealed on the selected URLs, it will not be included in the final reports. True Array




  /* @var $api Reports */
  require_once 'init-api.php';

  // 1. From text
  $data = [
      'text' => ' – advanced online plagiarism checker available 24/7. is a leading plagiarism checking website that will provide you with an accurate report during a short timeframe. Prior to submitting your home assignments, run them through our plagiarism checker to make sure your content is authentic.'
      'callback_url' => '',
  echo $api->createAction($data);

  // 2. From public url
  $data = [
      'url' => '', // public url
      'callback_url' => '',

      // Search in storage
      'search_storage' => 1,
      'search_storage_user_group' => [11, 22], // exclude files user 11 and group 22 from storage search

      // Add document to storage
      'storage' => 1,
      'storage_group_id' => 123,
      'storage_user_id => 456,
      'storage_file_id' => 789,
  echo $api->createAction($data);

  // 3. From local file
  $data = [
      'callback_url' => '',
  $files = [
      'file' => realpath('pdf-sample.pdf'),
  echo $api->createAction($data, $files);  


      "status": true,
      "code": 200,
      "data": {
          "id": 100500, // report id
          "remote_id": "#local-id-123",
          "user_id": 1,
          "title": "Report #100500",
          "text": "Title of report",
          "created": 1502725786, // unix timestamp of report creation
          "modified": 1504104007, // unix timestamp of report modification
          "notified": 0, // unix timestamp of callback request sending
          "status": -9, // report status
          "filter_chars": 1, // only latin characters
          "filter_references": 1, // exclude references
          "filter_quotes": 1, // exclude in-text citations
          "language": "en", // auto detect language of text
          "plagiat": null, // plagiarism percent
          "similarity": null, // plagiarism percent
          "originality": null, // originality percent
          "search_web": 1, // search in the web
          "search_files_api": 1, // search in storage
          "search_storage": 1, // search in storage
          "search_storage_filter": [
              "file_id": [100, 500], // exclude local file ids from storage search
              "user_id": [100, 500], // exclude local user ids from storage search
              "group_id": [100, 500], // exclude local group (course) ids from storage search
          "storage_id": 101, // added storage id from current report text
          "status_ex": "init", // text status
          "file": null,
          "link": null,
          "files": null
      "version": "3.0.0"

Error Response

      "status": false,
      "code": 403,
      "version": "3.0.0",
      "message": "Forbidden",
      "errors": null

      "status": false,
      "code": 401,
      "version": "3.0.0",
      "message": "Authentication failed",
      "errors": null

Resource Information

Rate Limited True
Authentication HTTP basic
Response Format JSON