What is Behind Students’ Plagiarism?

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What is Behind Students’ Plagiarism?

Students and Plagiarism

As information technology advances and as internet connection is becoming available worldwide, people find it easy to access on information they need. Students have the convenience to just click and drag the mouse to move the cursor to the desired information they need from the internet websites. This is one benefit of the high technology we have. But there is also a downside to it; this stimulates the increased practice of plagiarism as students get use to convenience. The corporate world and the academic world have problems on plagiarism. There are some who benefit from it. The students for instance can be saved from the hassle of accomplishing school work through it. They can also save their time and effort. Though unwise, many are still doing this. Plagiarism is again copying the concept of others and taking the credit of making it. And this act is not right in any angle. This is mostly observed in the academe too.

Causes of Plagiarism in the Academe
Unawareness about the issue of plagiarism is a big problem which is somehow not appropriately addressed by many teachers. Most teachers lack the initiatives to help minimize the problem. Teachers are tasked to let the students know how they would do their research and how they would gather data to prove or support their points. This is one hard task for it takes much time, effort and patience to go over each student’s work and check it if it is original or taken from someone else’s work. Many teachers just find it convenient to only scan through the pages and rate them. Plagiarism is one act that depicts lack of interest in the subject matter, lack of time and laziness of students who do not want to exert effort. Ready- made analyses from the internet and helpful reactions from the different sites are considered and misconceived by students as a big help to their careers. But what they do not know is this act of plagiarism forfeits the purpose of studying and is not part of learning. Being a big help to their hard school tasks, students mistakenly adhere to such action and develop it as a habit. The drive to know things through their own perspectives would be lost among students. As more and more sites which make various data available, it makes it hard to find out which is copied from which.

Eradicating Plagiarism among Students
Schools impose disciplinary actions to students plagiarizing the work of others. One way is to give punishment like fines, suspension and expulsion. However, the problem that plagiarism is a vague concept makes it uncontrollable. The thin line that demarcates research from plagiarism is rarely recognized by students. Another problem in controlling it is that it is sometimes hard to validate the copying of ideas especially when these ideas are not published formally and are not protected by copyright laws. For instance, one student copies the idea of another student; we cannot seek the help of software in this matter. It is very hard to trace then who copied from whom. There are two types of copying then, one is text copying and the other is idea copying. In some cases, those who cheat get higher grades compared to those who truly construct the ideas. Lack of confidence in one’s self also contributes to the cause of plagiarizing and the fear of failing in a subject gives one the urge to copy the work of others. In the part of the instructor, the lack of apt consultation period and less interest in the research of the students make it easier for students to just plagiarize. Less feedback and lack of disciplinary actions from teachers somehow validates the notion of students that they can get away with the crime they did.

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