Ways to Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class – Part 3

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Ways to Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class – Part 3

What is disappointing, nowadays, is that students are lazy and almost always forget to cite their references when they have written reports.

It is important to remind the them that they should not only concentrate on finishing their assignments.

Teachers should also stress to their students writing down the source of their information as they begin to jot down notes from materials.

Reminding them about writing the bibliography, most especially in thesis and term paper writing, will make them be mindful of writing sources every time they have written assignment. Due to the widespread use of internet and its great influence in our everyday lives, students are now depending on the web as their source for their research.

Published journals and articles are now left alone and undisturbed in the library. It is very easy to use the web because with just a few clicks on the mouse, information is easily accessible and they are able to copy texts from the web without sweat.

Frequently, the rights of an individual over his intellectual property is violated. Students distinguish knowledge that is free to all from a knowledge owned by an individual. So, it is best to cite sources of any work you have borrowed idea from. The purpose of researching is definitely not clear for the students.

They donТt know what it entails to do some research.

What they do is that they only give an account of their assignment and just take on the information from others.

Teachers should point out that analyzing and discussing a topic do not merely mean reporting what the students have read. Teachers should also highlight the need for the students to give some thought and ideas about their research. Originality in writing is very important. Making assignment that is entirely based form the idea of others is absolutely a no-no.

Because cultures are diverse from one another, there are different views and opinions regarding plagiarism. In class, this topic should be tackled and explored. A good example is that western people are very particular and very much informed on their right to their intellectual property. Whereas in other places, they think that information should be shared to all.

Going deeper with this will surely give students a broader prospective on plagiarism.

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