Probing Plagiarism Deeper – Part 2

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Probing Plagiarism Deeper – Part 2

Changing the words from the original material by means of substituting words with their synonyms does not free you from the claws of the laws on plagiarism. You must at all times give credit to your source. It even does not excuse you from plagiarism, in some case, even though you properly cite your source. If you have borrowed many ideas and your work contains many quotations from the work of others, you are vulnerable to plagiarism. It is very conceivable that you have written something with the same topic as somebody else. You need not fear plagiarism for it is never possible to write something in the same manner as the others provided that you have no idea on how the others wrote their work. But, also remember that there are circumstances wherein you are not let off in the eyes of the law. This is when you have read and accidentally patterned your idea from the work of others, then you forget about it and not able to give credit to the author. Even if it is unintended, still you have the same content as that of the source.

Every misconduct has a corresponding punishment. This is also applicable to plagiarizing and consequences depends on the severity. The nature of it will be looked into first before determining who will make judgment on the matter. If plagiarizing is done by students, it is given that the academic institution will be the one to give disciplinary measures. But, if work and money is already associated with plagiarism, he or she committed a crime that is punishable by the law. At an academic institution, plagiarism is never condoned. They are very strict in implementing rules and regulations against violating this. The student’s professor or the whole faculty will decide on the punishment. Usually, if a student plagiarized an assignment or a term paper, he or she will be failed on that subject or will be expelled. There are times when the timeframe of the copyright expires. When a student still copied ideas form this materials, he or she will not be exempted and will receive a punishment equal to that of copying ideas from a copyrighted material.

There are some who plagiarize documents on private entity such as corporations and establishments. Like in the academe, this is also not condoned here. The most common penalty given to those individuals is termination from work or being denied from application to work. Plagiarism, if caught by the law, is no joke. If in plagiarism is you are guilty of misdemeanor, you are forced to pay a penalty between 100 to 50,000 dollars and you will be imprisoned up to one year. But, if you committed felony for plagiarism, you will be charged with amount of up to 250,000 dollars for fine and you will be imprisoned for up to ten years. This is when you reproduce and able to gain 2,500 dollars from a material that is copyrighted.

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