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Plagiarism Prevention

A booming industry, that is how plagiarism is being described. Students even university staff are reported to being academically dishonest due to plagiarism. Though this is not a new phenomenon, the widespread has been very alarming. Universities could not stop their students because even the university staffs are entangled to this crisis. The new technology plays a very big part of the widespread of plagiarism, the large number of websites and links lead to hundreds and thousands of would-be plagiarists. These online resources make it easy to just copy or download the project or assignment, which should have been more useful to the students if they would have taken time to write it by themselves.
Innocent until proven guilty, accusing a student or anyone of plagiarism is a very serious allegation, and a n accusation needs further and deeper investigation. Investigation to prove plagiarism needs a lot of time and dedication to gather all the original data, and present a convincing case to the Faculty Academic Conduct committee. Knowing and defining what plagiarism really is such a difficult task to do.
An instructor should be very clear as to how to discipline the students with regards to the project they will be submitting. Before the start of the year the educators must be able to reach out to the students that considering plagiarism to increase their grades will be punished and that they should not compete with their grades but with the knowledge that they will acquire.
Strategies to minimize plagiarism:

  1. Policies to counter it
  2. Proper education
  3. Tasks designed to discourage it
  4. Visibility in procedures

Strategies Used in Many Institutions
Schools and universities are looking for ways to deteriorate plagiarism. These includes public awareness by having public discussions about the issues, individually tailored assignments that would fit the students to minimize plagiarism, routine assignment scan, checking and updating a database of offenders and having the consistent offenders sanctioned with penalties. Some instructors who have dealt with students who have plagiarize suggest and recommended that educators or instructors should be able to know the students individually because anonymity encourages plagiarism. This may involve series of physical activities some of those are in this kit, it also include discussing academic integrity with the students, circulate and publish ways and guidelines to avoid plagiarism and provide clear definitions of penalties for those who would plagiarize. Most of all, they should dissuade others from plagiarizing, a cheating behavior should never be accepted. Most importantly for these educators and university staffs not to plagiarize as well, and act on it once it is detected.

  1. Understanding what plagiarism is all about.
  2. Knowing the reasons why many students resort to plagiarism
  3. Discussing plagiarism issues with the students
  4. Providing assistance to students in regards to academic writing

Resources to support the prevention of plagiarism are likely to change over time.

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