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Watching a movie is not enough for many people since it cannot fully reveal all feelings and emotions of its characters. In order to satisfy the needs of such a demanding audience, the entertainment industry came up with novelization, which is known as a process of using popular films’ plots as a basis for books. By doing so, authors can describe the innermost thoughts of the main heroes and, thus, make the events of the original movie more appealing to the fans, who obviously want to know about their favorite characters as much as possible.

Why do a lot of people prefer literature?

An opportunity to interpret

Whenever you watch a movie, you see all the events and characters through the director’s lenses. In this way, you can be only an observer, whereas while reading a book you become a creator. You do not need to perceive events in a given way because with the help of your imagination you can develop different images right in your head. Usually, books familiarize you with the plot and leave the interpretation of it up to you. Movies, on the contrary, impose a certain way of thinking, because they have both visual and audial effects on your perception.

An opportunity to take with you

Due to the fact that books are more portable, many people choose them over movies. You can always bring them with you wherever you go and make a pause in reading if you have other urgent things to do.

An opportunity to sympathize

It is not a secret that books are able to provoke stronger emotional responses than films do. While reading a book, you can always notice subtle motives that trigger characters to act in a particular manner. In such a way, you can better understand the plot from a psychological point of view. Movies, quite the contrary, are likely to distract your attention with astonishing stunts and special effects.

What does novelization have to do with plagiarism movies?

Unfortunately, plagiarism in film industry is widely spread and represents quite a serious problem for the original authors of this or that story. Many companies face a situation when their ownership rights are violated by publishers, who either steal the idea of their movies itself or make the copy of a legitimate novelization.

Nowadays this issue is addressed on the international level, but a few years ago it was not the case. For instance, in 1990s Russia was the center of plagiarism since it neglected all rules and intellectual property rights. There was a well-developed industry of copying popular foreign books and movies. A series of books imitating X-Files or Dmitri Yemets’ Tanya Grotter version of Harry Potter are only some examples, but there were many more.

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