Main Points How Original Content Builds Web Traffic

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Main Points How Original Content Builds Web Traffic

Main Points How Original Content Builds Web Traffic

The importance of original content nowadays

The importance of the original web content is difficult to overestimate. The originality of the content is related to two significant issues. First and foremost, Google penalizes websites that contain copy-pasted text. It is not a joke! Nowadays, Google incorporates the algorithms that detect plagiarized text and block the websites that host unoriginal content.

This mechanism is used to cope with scam and make the online environment “cleaner”. Therefore, if you do not want to jeopardize your website and be punished by Google, try to avoid duplicating. The second important issue with the authentic content is the target audience. Your visitors certainly want to read or view something new and up-to-date. If you fill your website with the content from other sources, no one would be interested. Just imagine you are the follower of the blog that always beats the competitors with the original innovative web content. No doubt, you will bookmark this blog, read it, and share with your friends. Why? Because people are curious to find out about the interesting facts from the primary source. Or because the author writes in an engaging manner that attracts the attention of the visitors and adds value.

However, if you happen to meet the copied web content that is added to the blog as an update-feature, you will omit this blog. Why? Because you receive no value! Because you have already read or viewed this information, and because you were expecting to read something new and your expectations were not met. Will you bookmark or share this blog? The answer is evident! So, the original content has two sides – technical and social. And both are equally important for the health of your website.

How original content helps to build web traffic?

Web traffic is what the website owners are hunting for. The higher the traffic is, the more chances to earn fortune. Isn’t this what you have been dreaming about? Surely, you have created your website to make money! And the traffic is the indirect sing of your success. So what is the mechanism behind the influence of originality on the traffic load?

Your website or blog is not the simple technical thing. It is, but without the visitors and followers it has no chances to boost. The key feature is that your page is a live organism that depends on the attitude of the environment. The more people visit your page, the more your website is shared through the online social networks. And, if your content deserves attention, you will soon double and triple your audience. Besides, the pages with the duplicated content are not shown in the top of the search engines whereas the original sites are likely to appear in the top. The higher is the page in the search results, the better the chance that the visitors will stop by is. Thus, original content is the true traffic-driver!

Main points while writing original content for the website.

There are several essentials to keep in mind while you are working on your website. First of all, remember that headlines matter! Create the engaging headlines. Headline is your hook that attracts the reader. So, make this hook appealing! Secondly, make sure you have backlinks from the authoritative personalities in the industry you work. If the influential person shares your article with the society, your popularity will boost dramatically. For example, if you are writing blog on public speaking, make sure you enlist the support of the famous speaker (Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins) who will “like” and share your posts. How to win the loyalty of the famous person? Create the superior content that is unique, up-to-date, relevant to the purpose and innovative. Then, create the list of the industry leaders, and ask each of them to comment on your article. The majority will ignore, but hopefully there would be one of the million who will notice you and recommend your article to his readers. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off!

Useful tips for successful original content writing.

Writing original content may seem difficult from the first glance. However, there are some techniques that may help you in content writing. Let’s call these techniques writing tips and explore the main writing tips that may turn the complicated boring task into a fascinating writing journey.

  1. Do not paraphrase. Mere paraphrasing has nothing in common with originality. Instead, you have to develop new ideas.
  2. The good sources of motivation are nature, music, and art. You would be surprised as music or art is not connected to your blog on IT. But, there is a secret. When you observe art, your brain starts working at a new level. Your imagination develops, and it is very likely that you will come up with the innovative IT ideas very soon.
  3. Read, read, and read! It really does not matter what you read. It does matter how much you do. In order to develop original content, one has to nourish the personal knowledge. Reading is the best way for the personal development. So, go ahead, and read at least one article a day!
  4. Use plagiarism-catching software. There are many plagiarism detecting programs. Some of them are even available free of charge. So, when you produce content, make sure you have checked your text for authenticity.
  5. Inspect the industry on a constant basis. The innovation is a drive to originality!

So, forget about simple duplicating and turn to creative content writing that will boost your web success and result in fortunes!

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