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We should be proud of our ancestors for they have successfully turned the leaf of time from the Dark Ages when a man was stagnant and unthoughtful. They managed to let out their scream for knowledge and the people of today have inherited this freedom to scour the world and turn it upside down in search for knowledge. But there is this trend that would possibly shake the foundations of the pillars of knowledge that the ancestors have laid out for the modern humans. This is considered as a smear in the continual struggle to achieve a higher level of thinking. This is plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of man’s acts that might be the cause of his downfall. This partly signifies man’s attitude toward knowledge: boredom and laziness. When these two set in, man and the world might just be in for a rewind trip to the Dark Ages. There are many causes of plagiarism. But one thing for sure is that if people keep on plagiarising the works of others, this will pull down the quality of knowledge shared around the world.

Ways Considered as Plagiarism
First and foremost, plagiarism is cheating. When you tell other people and when you make yourself believe that what you have done is purely your idea without help or clues from the ideas of other people, then you are cheating others and more so, yourself. This is one way of plagiarising too. When you stop being honest and be won over by the fame that you would be showered with and the pride that you would feel once you claim something as a product of your ingenuity, then the result would be an increased motivation to commit plagiarism. At an educational environment, plagiarism usually occurs during paper submissions. Failing to acknowledge source/s of your ideas is already plagiarism. Even the typical copying done by students during exams and homework submissions is considered plagiarism. A school which tolerates plagiarism would be like teaching the students that even if they would not be sweating out to accomplish a task, they would still succeed if they depended on someone else’s work. At a working environment, when you imitate what another business is doing especially if a certain strategy is already copyrighted, this would also be plagiarism. Plagiarism usually results from a person’s inability to patiently work his brains out for ideas that are originally his. It would also be used as a resort by those people who want to have an easy life. Truthfully, life is never easy, and they will only be making it all the more difficult for them if they try to get out as easily as they could.

Causes of the Spread of Plagiarism
Plagiarism could have been cut off by the educational institution the moment the teachers detected the symptoms of plagiarism in the students. Plagiarism is practically everywhere, especially now that we are dealing with information in the Computer Age. In the movie industry, films seem to have the same storylines already. Names of business establishments are contested because they sound alike. People are more tempted now to get off the hook easily by plagiarising because there are freely accessible information resources through the Internet. Being such, plagiarism should be stopped immediately before it will spread and bring the powerful world of new knowledge to a halt.

Kelsey Ayton
Content Writer at PlagiarismSearch.
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