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How to be a film critic?

How to be a film critic?

What is a film critique? Film critique or movie critique is a specific type of review that follows peculiar standards of writing, analyzing and presenting an evaluation on a ...

How to Edit Your Essay

How to Edit Your Essay

Writing an essay has a few stages, the last but not the least one is editing the final draft. Unfortunately, many students just skip this part of writing process due to the lack ...

A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 2

Plagiarism has many faces. But there is a facet of this prohibited act that is taken for granted especially by the students. One of the common issues of plagiarism that students face while writing their school papers is citing the references. Recognizing the author of the information or argument stated in a discourse is a necessity. This is not just done to give credit to whom it is due, this is also done to create a sound argument. The act of citing the references will benefit the writer in the long process. In doing this, there are two citation formats that can either be used. These formats are the MLA and AP format and the ...

A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 1

Plagiarism is a prohibited act. However, there are some people, both from the academe and the professional world, who cannot get rid from being caught or accused of plagiarism. Many writers are trying to avoid this but still find themselves caught or accused plagiarizing. Many colleges and universities are already imposing strict rules and regulations against this act because it is becoming pervasive especially among students who tend to just copy or buy someone elseТs work. The most common reason why most people are still trapped in committing plagiarism lies in the fact that there is a little knowledge about the forms and rules o...

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