A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 2

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A Common Writer’s Dilemma Part 2

Plagiarism has many faces. But there is a facet of this prohibited act that is taken for granted especially by the students. One of the common issues of plagiarism that students face while writing their school papers is citing the references. Recognizing the author of the information or argument stated in a discourse is a necessity. This is not just done to give credit to whom it is due, this is also done to create a sound argument. The act of citing the references will benefit the writer in the long process.

In doing this, there are two citation formats that can either be used. These formats are the MLA and AP format and the Chicago format. The university or college usually informs the student what citation format will be used in the paper beforehand. When there is confusion about these formats, there are many internet sources that can help. There are websites that teach the students on how to do citation properly based on the format asked. Moreover, a student can seek guidance from professors, especially from the English or Communication department, to assist in this kind of dilemma. Some colleges and universities conduct seminars or trainings to teach the students regarding proper citation.

Writing a school paper should be thoroughly taken cared of and plagiarism is an issue that should be watched out for. Remember that the punishment for plagiarism is expulsion. Being caught of plagiarism will not just give a failing grade, it will also cause the student to be kicked out of the school with negative credentials and bad impression. No one would want to be expelled from school and to be remembered as a cheater just by not citing references. To avoid this shame from happening, students should know about the different citation formats and how to use these. After all, these formats are just readily available in the Internet. It is better to get to know these formats than be kicked out of school. Moreover, the idea that everyone should remember about plagiarism is that it is an act that is not worth anything. One will just get expelled when caught doing it and it is not worth it.

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