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Ways to Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class – Part 3

What is disappointing, nowadays, is that students are lazy and almost always forget to cite their references when they have written reports. It is important to remind the them that they should not only concentrate on finishing their assignments. Teachers should also stress to their students writing down the source of their information as they begin to jot down notes from materials. Reminding them about writing the bibliography, most especially in thesis and term paper writing, will make them be mindful of writing sources every time they have written assignment. Due to the widespread use of internet and its great influence in our ...

Ways to Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class – Part 2

It is very important to tell your students that what is more important than having good grades is to acquire the skills to show those grades. It is very crucial for them to have researching and writing skills because these make them very visible to the one assessing their abilities. Students can be encouraged to improve their own capacities if you stress to them that improvement is an essential part of the grading. One of the reasons why students are inclined to plagiarize is because of the reason that others are doing the same thing. They think that it is a good excuse for plagiarizing just so they could keep up with their peers. ...

Ways To Prevent Plagiarism in Your Class- part 1

The Real Deal about Plagiarism Most of the time, students may say that they already have a good understanding about plagiarism. However, in reality, it seems as if they have not actually captured the essence of what plagiarism is truly all about. It may even be hard for some of the students to ascertain whether a particular act is plagiarism or simply paraphrasing. One should be able to cite sources properly and not just put the sources just for the sake of placing these sources. It would certainly be best if the moment that the course starts, details about plagiarism should already be discussed in order to avoid problems relating ...

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